Life Is What Happens, When You are Busy Making Other Plans.

John Lennon was quoted as saying “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans,” a quote I came across while sitting on my couch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon working and writing out my “to do list” for next week.  Earlier I had opted to get some work done before the start of the week instead of taking my dog for a walk on this beautiful Sunday in March.  This thought process ultimately led me to start this blog.

It’s my hope that documenting my life will remind  me to live my life each day, in the present, with love, with honesty, with excitement and to understand the power and opportunity living in “the now” has to offer.  Sharing this with friends & family and expressing the thoughts, the people, the events and the experiences that make up my life will just be an added bonus.  Here we go….

I’ll start by shutting down the computer and taking the dog for a walk.

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