A Beautiful Rainy Day

We have been blessed in Minnesota this spring.  An uncharacteristic month of very warm days, lots of sunshine and most importantly, no snow.  A co-worker of mine was bummed at work on Friday because she heard that the weekend was going to be cooler with rain.  My plans of running around the lake this morning with Steveo and enjoying my brand new BBQ were also on hold.

I woke up this morning to a rainy day, thunder, lighting and all and realized what an amazing morning it is.  I had forgotten how soothing a spring storm can be, especially in the morning.  Watching my beautiful lawn drink water (I love my lawn) and sitting in my living room, Steveo  & Ted still sleeping, listening to the rain and thunder, its rather therapeutic and in no way is putting a damper on my weekend.  Rather the opposite, I feel rested, calm and thankful to be sitting hear on this beautiful rainy day!

So go ahead…Rain on my parade today!  I’m loving this.

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