My Babies

Surprisingly absent from my blog so far are my BABIES!  Some people think I am strange to refer to my sisters children as “my babies,” but they might as well be, I feel like I have been with them just about every second of their life.  They absolutely light up my life.  I didn’t think it was possible after Kai was born to have enough love for another one and then Reesey Roo came 8 months ago.  These children (not shockingly) are the perfect combination of their perfect parents and I genuinely love being with them

Kai, 4 years old, is my sister Lindsay in every single way (well except the obvious way!).  The things he says and does are a mirror imagine of her, although as of late he seems to take quite a liking to dad and all the activities dad does.  Although I probably won’t think this way when he is 18 but for now I express often that I hope he never has the ability to say his “R’s.”  There is nothing more adorable than hearing “Weese” or “Gampa.” Living a mile from them has given me the luxury of not missing a moment of his life (minus his 4th birthday party, which I am still struggling with).  If I am having a bad day, I swing by to give kisses and all is forgotten.  The smile I get, with those little teeth that I call “chicklets” will melt you in an instant.  Last weekend, Kaiman caught his first fish on Lake Minnetonka.  After seeing this picture my mind flash forwarded and I pictured Kai sitting with his “wife to be” looking at this picture and laughing.  It was the exact same picture that Ted has of himself, that we laughed at a few years ago when we were putting together photos for our wedding video.  It’s hard to believe he is growing so quickly.  I’m just thankful every single day that we live in the same place and so close.

ReeseElizabeth, Reesey Roo, pork chop, honestly the most adorable, sweet and perfect little baby on planet earth.  The most easy-going child, she just goes with the flow and only makes a fuss when she is tired or hungry, I wish I was that easy.  Oh does she love to eat too a girl after my own heart.  I honestly wondered what it was going to be like to have  a niece and nephew.  I loved Kai so much, it was hard for me to imagine that I would have enough love for another one…wow was I wrong!  Talk about a smile that lights up a room.  At only 8 months, I am fairly confident that she knows her Aunt Lo and certainly seems happy when I am around.  4 teeth, I think, already, crawling like a mad woman, even standing on her own for a second.  We all think she will be walking by the end of the summer.  You can tell she has the soul of her daddy, a wild child at heart, and the kindness of her mama.  Since the day she was born you could see that kindness in her eyes.  I uploaded the most amazing picture of Reesey, you’ll see what I am talking about with the eyes!

Many more pictures of my babies to come!  My camera is typically full with pictures of them.

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