Dinner Parties

Last night Amy & Ted Carlson came over for dinner.  It was a long overdue get together, and we had a total blast.  The menu was fabulous.  Homemade cheese sticks and roasted shrimp for an appetizer, both recipes I received from Jenna Farrell who quite frankly might be the best cook of all of my friends.  For dinner, Ted did the most fabulous job grilling a horseradish crusted beef tenderloin, it was perfect.  I served the tenderloin with roasted rosemary potatoes and asparagus.  Every single bite was so good and Amy & Ted were raving about the meal, which made me so happy.

Growing up in a home where my parents entertained a lot, it was ingrained in me at a young age how to put together a great party.  From the table settings, to the meal, I’ve watched my mom put amazing parties together for years and I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way as well. The best thing for me before a party is to set my table the night before.  The table is always the center of the whole night, and having it done ahead of time always makes me feel better about my “to do” list that day of.  I always make it a habit of preparing everything else the morning of and making small notes to remind me, like “potatoes, 40 minutes.”  This way, I’ve learned, that you only have the last-minute cooking to do and its allows me to really take a deep breath and enjoy the company.

Amy and I have been friends since we were little girls, we are really more like sisters although we don’t talk or see each other as often as we should.  I feel blessed that our husbands Ted & Ted really like each other and have fun together.  The are surprisingly so similar in so many ways besides the obvious way of having the same name, Amy and I laugh about it a lot.  I think it’s so fantastic that as adults Amy & I will continue to do things together, with our husbands, and then eventually with our families.  Sitting around our beautiful table, a wonderful meal, catching up on each others lives, laughing so hard, we had such a great night!

Here are some pics of my first attempt at the greatest cheese stick appetizer recipe ever! The recipe forced me to use my Cuisinart food processor for the first time.  It’s been sitting in the box in our basement since our wedding – 2 years!  These cheese sticks are awesome for an appetizer or snack, everyone loves them.  I also documented the total mess I made of my kitchen when following this recipe, hey, I’m new to all of this! Hilarious!

First Attempt At Cheese Sticks

What A Mess!


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2 Responses to Dinner Parties

  1. Gretchen says:

    I NEED to make these. LOVED them when Jenna made them. Send the recipe my way!

  2. lmurph says:

    Recipe from this great blog (naturally) – smittenkitchen.com
    Here it is, so easy and so yum –

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