I have wanted to get a new bike for the past couple years.  The last time that I owned my own bike I went to Hopkins North Junior High and still played night games with my friends on Sheffield Curve – sad I know!  Since we have this wonderful trail right by our house, I see people biking all of the time and have wanted to be a part of the fun forever. A few weeks ago, I finally did it….I bought a bike and it was the best decision EVER!  I have not been off of this bike since I got it.  I literally have taken the bike out almost every single day since I bought it and I am enjoying it more than anything.  There is a bike path a few hundreds yards from my front door called, the greenway. It’s beautiful.  It is always full of bikers, walkers, runners so I feel safe (in the daytime) and the best part of the Greenway is the bike shop and coffee shop along the way.  You can stop in on your ride and have them look at your bike if anything strange is going on with it or even stop to get something to drink.  It’s pretty cool and makes it easy for me to get on my bike and get some exercise.

Now as much as I am loving the bike, I am also learning how to use it properly.  The gears are what seems to give me the most trouble, but I think as of yesterday I might have them down.  For about a week I couldn’t figure out which gear made the ride harder and which gear made the ride easier. Yikes!  The nice guy at the Greenway bike shop helped me out though.  I told him I thought something was wrong with my gears but perhaps the problem could also be me, he laughed, and then I laughed when I realized the problem was in fact ME!  The gears were just fine.

Yesterday, Ted and I decided to take a ride together.  I felt bad for him because I go about 1/2 as fast as he does, although he insisted that he was fine and having fun just riding with me, so cute.  I went the farthest I have ever gone, from the entrance to the Greenway by our home to St. Paul!!!  The weather was perfect and we had such a great time.  Where the Greenway ends in St. Paul, Ted and I rode a tiny bit further and then stopped in for lunch at Longfellow Grill.  It was truly the perfect day.  The ride home from St. Paul was a bit harder.  A full tummy, sore legs from the long ride there and the sun was really hot – but I did it!!  I did just buy an odometer but I didn’t set it up correctly (refer to ME being the problem with the bike comment earlier) so I didn’t accurately track how many miles we went, but Ted is estimating about 25 miles roundtrip.  Nice!

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  1. Great to see that you are loving the bike. Awesome.

    If you’re ever looking for interesting stories and blogs about bikes and how they fit into our lifestyle, come check out our site.

    Enjoy Your Ride,


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