Balsam Lake

We went up to Balsam Lake, WI this weekend to hang out and relax at Amy & Ted Carlson’s cabin.  They just re-did the entire cabin and it is so beautiful. We got to see pictures of what the cabin looked like before they re-did it, WHOA what a difference. The entire weekend was such a blast, so peaceful on Balsam Lake and such wonderful company.  We ate like kings & queens, we drank a lot, smoked cuban cigars, attempted to water ski on one ski (“attempted”) and laughed pretty much all weekend long.  Amy said that she went to bed laughing from the night and woke up laughing thinking about the night! Several times throughout the weekend the 4 of us individually commented on how much fun we were having and how we all genuinely enjoy each other.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends. This weekend was extremely special to me and I had some time to reflect on it driving home.  Amy & I grew up going to her parents cabin on Crosslake.  I have such fond memories of our families together at their cabin on the boat, getting wild and just spending time together.  As adults, still being as close as Amy & I are and then going up to HER cabin is so extremely special.  It’s like the next generation of friendship and memories at the cabin.  I can’t wait for our kids to be play on the lake together someday. Balsam Lake is only one hour and 20 minutes from our front door, the perfect amount of time for cabin travel in my opinion.  Once we were up there, we felt like we were hours and hours away.  It’s a beautiful lake and even more beautiful cabin.

The Carlson’s Cabin on Balsam Lake.  If you could only see the before pics!

Amy & I (Ellen Squared!) starting the weekend off right!  After about 2 bottles of french wine (the two bottles were just what I drank), I went to bed with the “spins” for the first time in a while. The night was worth every spin!

Cubans! They were so good.

Even Deuce got in on the cuban action! Cutest dog on the planet.  He would lay in Ted’s arms like he was a tiny puppy.

Teddy & I enjoying the cabin.

I am now staring at the most tired lab on planet earth right now.  Ted and I have traveled so much this year, we haven’t had the opportunity to bring Steve up to Warner’s cabin or any of our friends cabins for that matter but our wild man made up for it this weekend. Steveo DID NOT STOP!  If he wasn’t playing frisbee or catching dummies off the of the dock, he was voluntarily jumping into the lake and just swimming around.  He went 24 hours without eating because he wouldn’t take the time to do it or  he was just too exhausted to eat.  He is at my feet right now, out cold, and I expect to see him this way for the next two days.  Here is Steveo in action….

Best Buds.

Some serious air off the dock.  He was in pure heaven.

The happiest dog on planet earth.  I can’t tell you how many times, we looked around and asked “where is Steve,” and we literally found him taking a lovely swim.  He wasn’t even chasing anything in the lake, just swimming! So cute.

If you noticed the clarity and beauty of my pictures in this blog entry, I appreciate it! It was my first stab at using a “fancy” camera and I think I did a pretty good job. My friend Gretchen not only got me interested in blogging, but now has me interested in taking beautiful pictures.  Our digital camera just doesn’t cut it anymore so I borrowed Missy Ayers camera for the weekend and had such a blast using it.  I didn’t come close to understanding all that this camera has to offer, but I do know that a nice camera purchase is in my future.  Leaning towards a Canon right now, we will see?  Here are some more pics of the weekend.  Enjoy!

Amy and I have always called each other “Ellen,” (long story!) and we still can’t get over the fact that we both married Ted’s!

Cowboy Ted!

No, I’m not naked on the boat…just rockin the strapless, which I should think twice about when I am camera happy all weekend long!

I was serious about eating like Kings & Queens.  Amy & Ted made the best dinner on Saturday night.  I told Ted that I was not longer eating steak without parmesan crusted on top. Yum.

Goodnight! Playing around with the self-timer on the camera before bed.  Not as easy when you are using the edge of the bed as your surface.

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