Cause I Gotta Have Faith

No, I don’t have one of my favorite 80s songs running through my head, but I am talking about Faith, the tiny little golden doodle that is living with us for the next few weeks.  I can’t even write about her without a huge smile on my face, she is the sweetest most delicious little puppy on earth.  Faith’s Lodge, the charity that I work with has their annual event, Hope Rocks in September.  One of the jobs of the junior board that I am on this year was to gather items for the live and silent auction. This was a huge job because the auction is a big money-maker for the lodge.  One of the girls on the board found a breeder in West Virginia to donate “Faith” and give her to a new, wonderful family at the live auction.  I volunteered to take Faith for a few weeks before the event mainly because of Teddy’s obsession with dogs (he promised me that she would go for a higher bid because of his training!) and let’s be honest, I saw pictures of her ahead of time, how could I say no?  We only will have her for 3 weeks, but it will be plenty of time for me to get a solid attachment to her and be completely devastated when I have to give her to her new family.  Ha!  I know it’s for a good cause and that is what I have to remember when these 3 weeks are up, but its going to be hard to let her go.  She did so well her first night here, we didn’t hear a peep from her until about 3:30am when I checked on her and then she slept again until our alarm went off at 6:30am. The second night was a little bit different, I think Ted and I got about 4 hours of sleep.  I went through the workday rather delirious and drank caffeine for the first time in over a year, but I figure if nothing else, its good practice for having our own family one day.

I’ve been a little picture happy since her arrival, check out a few of my favorites, so far.

Teddy is such a natural with her.  Of course I’m thinking “he is going to be the best dad” every single time I see them together.  Notice Steveo trying to get in on the fun.  He has been the best dog with Faith’s arrival.  I attribute Steve’s easy transition of Faith in the house to Ted making him an overall well-adjusted doggie!  I think he might be thrilled to see her go though.

Kennel training her during these 3 weeks at the house.

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