G’mar Tov

G’mar Tov comes from the Hebrew word “to finish” or a “good final sealing.” During the Jewish high holy days, specifically Yom Kippur, you turn to your family and congregation at the end of the service and recite “G’mar Tov.”  Yom Kippur is the last of the holidays in the Jewish new year so that “good final sealing” is fitting.  In Ted’s case, G’mar Tov means that he just made it through 2 1/2 hours of Hebrew readings, songs and sermons but for me, G’mar Tov means reflecting on the past year and thinking about what I want out of the year to come.  My family has begun a tradition to write down our new years resolutions during Rosh Hashana dinner.  We seal them up and re-open them a year later while we are dipping our apples into honey (what Jewish people do to symbolize a sweet new year) .  It’s been interesting to see over the years if I have followed my resolutions to fruition.  All too often, I have not.  So this Jewish new year and on this Yom Kippur holiday of starting fresh, I am choosing a more practical resolution.  In fact, my new years resolution this year is the exact reason why I started this blog…to enjoy life.

I am putting a good final sealing on this blog entry with a promise to myself to laugh louder, love more, listen longer, breathe deeper, learn as much as I can, relax and count the many blessing that I have in my life. G’mar Tov and Happy New Year!


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