Mums the Word

Most people probably dread fall clean up, but I am my father’s daughter and I am so happy and so relaxed when I am outside raking leaves, cleaning up my driveway and making the house look beautiful.  We have these beautiful large old trees on our property.  Naturally those large trees drop a ton of leaves on our yard this time of year and in return gives me hours of happiness cleaning it all up.  When I left the house this morning for work I started thinking about all the things I could be doing to the house instead of going to work – rake the lawn, throw away my summer flower pots, cut back my plants to survive the winter.  As I drove down Ashley Road it crossed my mind to call in sick so that I could do all the work I wanted to do to the house!  I didn’t do that, but I also couldn’t stop thinking about the house all day long.  At about 4 pm I left work and went home to get to my fall cleanup on!  First, I stopped to borrow my brother in laws blower which might be the greatest invention for those of us obsessed with our lawns. I’m sure my neighbors are thrilled with the noise level of the blower, but honestly, every single insanely loud moment is worth it in the end.  When I got to my sisters house I saw that her summer flower pots were gone but replaced with these a beautiful, plush, flower that I had never seen.  Who knew that mums were the flower that you were supposed to plant during the fall season?  You can imagine my joy learning about mums, knowing there was one more fall task I could do tonight to make the outside of the house look beautiful.

With the blower in the trunk, I stopped by a little stand off of Hwy 7 and picked up the most beautiful mums for my flowers pots.  I got home, planted my mums, blew the leaves off the lawn and driveway and watered the plants.  The house looked so great, I was so happy.  I realize that tomorrow morning I will wake up to more leaves on the driveway and on the lawn, but I just look at that as a few more hours of happiness!

My Mums up close.

Ok, so there are a few leaves left on the driveway, maybe I’ll go blow the driveway again!

1/2 of the lawn blown at this point.  I know, I am a geek. But I love it.

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