Apples, Corn Mazes & Babies

This is the second year that we visited Minnetonka Orchards.  Last year Uncle Ted and I “rented” Kai for a few hours and went to the apple orchard with a big group of our friends and their kids.  Since we couldn’t make the big group outing this year, we thought we should go it alone and continue a tradition.  This year we had both Kai & Reese to take, which made for even more fun.  We picked the kids up and headed to Mound on a perfect sunny, fall afternoon.  When we got there, Kai grabbed the map of the orchard and quickly planned out our stops.  He kept us on track the whole time letting us where we should go next with the map, it was hysterical!  We stopped to see the animals, we ran up the hay stacks, played in the train, followed by the much anticipated….Corn Maze!!!  Aunt Lo didn’t realize that a corn maze probably isn’t the best spot for a stroller.  Sorry for the bumpy ride Reesey.

After a hot dog, an apple donut, carmel apples and a good stomach ache, we headed home. The kids had a blast and so did we.  Can’t wait for next year.

Headed to the Apple Orchard.  Conversation topic #1: We need a bigger car when we have a family.  The stroller barely fit in the trunk, 2 car seats,and a diaper bag doesn’t leave much more room in the ol beemer!

My sweet, wonderful Kai. Growing up so quickly. 4 years old.  He told me today that milk doesn’t make him grow tall and strong, milk makes your teeth white! Ha.

Reesey, 11 mos. Enjoying the beautiful weather.  She points at everything and wants to be running around like her brother.

Reesey loved the animals.

Kai, navigating the apple orchard for us.  I could eat him!

Love in the Corn Maze!

Carmel Apples, YUM!

“Ni Ni” Reese. Sleep Good.

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One Response to Apples, Corn Mazes & Babies

  1. NaNa says:

    What a wonderful time, you must have had. Beautiful pictures and yet another fun day with Aunt Lo and Uncle Ted. You are the best Aunt & Uncle that I have ever seen. Wish we could have been with you, but we had a lot of fun at the Twins game. I really love it, but hope to make the next apple orchard. Thank you for sharing your amazing day with my beautiful grandchildren. Love and Kisses to both of you….

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