Put the Catalog Down

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with planning (or plotting) the home improvements I want to make to my house.  I spend an inordinate amount of time on websites about paint, about furniture, about table top accessories and the best way to transform your home for the holidays.  My love for Pottery Barn.com and BallardDesigns.com would probably meet the requirements for an episode on Dr. Phil.  I can just hear him now, “Lauren, wake up, look in the mirror!  In which the audience would applaud his comment and the statement “look in the mirror” would spark my memory of that beautiful mirror I saw online that I want to replace my current bathroom mirror with.  Most girls run to the mailbox to pick up their Vogue or InStyle each month, my excitement comes in the form of a Pottery Barn magazine waiting for me in my mailbox.  I sit on the couch and study each item wishing that the pictures would jump off the pages and into my home. The funny thing about my home renovation obsession is that I am not even particularly good at it, admittedly.  I consult Marita who designs for a living on just about everything I do.  She graciously offers her expertise and opinion in which I always take, because this particular arena is not my strong suit.  In knowing that, it makes it that much more hilarious that I think all of this so often.

I have decided to try to curtail my troublesome fixation a bit.  Home improvements and “facelifts” as I have referred to them in the past take a great deal of money.  I am certain that Ted would fall over if a month went by without me making some type of purchase for the house.  With the exception of a major home renovation (down the road perhaps) or a major purchase (that would have to classify as a necessity, like if something broke) I have decided for the next few months that for each dollar I spend on a home improvement, a new home accessory or a “facelift” item, I am going to match that dollar amount and donate it to Team Missy.

It’s my hope, that my home renovation obsession will turn into something a bit more positive, a bit less selfish and hopefully I will think twice about buying that $50.00 can of paint that will now cost $100.00.  Even if it would be going to the best cause ever.  So in my quest to continually improve yours truly, this transformation will go into effect only AFTER I receive my new organizational daily system from Pottery Barn in the mail {place judgement here}.

I don’t need to do anything to this room. I can live with this, RIGHT?? (insert old movie sound effect that you hear when there is a dramatic turn of events or major revelation…DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUNNNNNNN)


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