My Babies; Volume 3

Linz, Haig and my parents went to Wisconsin for the night to celebrate the wedding of a friend of Lindsay’s.  Ted and I were with the kids from about noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday.  As if you didn’t already know from previous blog entries, we worship Kai and Reese and spend as much time as possible with them.  Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to not only be with them Saturday and Sunday but to also have a sleepover with them.  The last time we stayed overnight at the Newton’s, Kai was a baby.  We filled the 24 hours with a trip to the Minnesota Zoo, dinner at Convention Grill (actually very little dinner and a lot of chocolate milkshake), Muppets in Space movie night, swimming lessons and endless hours of Kai watching this ridiculous You Tube video of a guy in a pumpkin mask dancing around!  Thanks uncle Ted for finding that one!  Here are some highlights of our visit to the zoo.

We sang “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, its off to the Zoo we go.”  Kai in his new big boy seat and Reese in her car seat that now faces forward.  I cannot believe how quickly they are growing up.

Reese, loving the monkeys.  She doesn’t talk much yet but communicates well through sounds like “Eh, Uh and Da!” She knows exactly what she wants and will let you know, without even saying a real word.

Kai, being a flamingo.

The kids favorite part of the day.  Sharks! Fishies! Dolphins!

Aunt Lo’s favorite part of the Zoo – The Grizzly Bears.  This bear, appropriately name “Grizzly” was swimming the entire time we were there, right up against the window.  He was so cute and I couldn’t believe how close he was.  I took a few shots where it looked like the kids were actually touching him.

This is my favorite picture of the day.  They are talking to each other. Heaven.

One more of Grizzly, because he was so cute.

Our Zoo trip ended with Uncle Ted’s creative genius of  a big bear, little bear pic, Kai obliged. Ha.

The 24 hrs was complete with Reese taking an hour long nap on my chest.  I didn’t have the heart to put her back in her crib, I was just loving every single minute of her and our time together.  Our favorite quote of the night was when Kai was asking us if all the animals at the Zoo go to sleep at night.  Uncle Ted explained that sharks don’t ever go to sleep, they just keep swimming all the time.  Kai’s response after a few seconds of deep thought: “Hmmm, Interesting!”

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