Beef, Birthdays, Blood Suckers and Babies

It’s been a great month of celebrations for Ted’s 30th birthday.  Ann Arbor was the main event but we certainly did a good job this weekend celebrating Ted’s arrival into the next decade of his life.  Friday night we celebrated with our families at Fogo De Chao.  As my dad said, “there is nothing more fun than a group of carnivores getting together for a night out!”  We stuffed our bellies with picanha, filet mignon and alcatra.  We drank, laughed and told stories of Teddy over the years.  It was a fabulous celebration. Here are a few highlights of the night.

Teddy’s Favorite cake, Raspberry Souffle cake from Wuollet’s.

My dad gave Ted the sweetest birthday toast.  My two favorite men in the world!

We all agreed, it was a celebration not only for Ted but for his parents.  Mainly for Mo, for giving birth 30 years ago.

Haig & Linz.

Grandma Mare & Mom.

The weekend continued with Halloween celebrations.  We went to a friends party on Saturday night and then met up with more friends to see a live band at Glueks downtown. Ted and I dressed up as two characters from the HBO series True Blood.  Ted was “Eric Northman” a vampire from the show (he looks ridiculously similar to him even without the fangs) and I went as “Sookie Stackhouse,” please ignore the fact I look terrible as a blonde.  The very fun night ended with getting lost in the parking ramp and driving my husband home, passed out in the car.  Cheers to 30!

“Eric Northman”

“Eric Northman” & “Sookie Stackhouse”

Vampire Bite.

After Vampire Bite.

We finished up the weekend with one last birthday surprise for Ted; Lou Malhanti’s deep dish pizza from Chicago.  Teddy was more than excited that I had them flown in to enjoy Sunday night while we handed out candy to all the trick or treaters.  We also had a few minutes at the Newton’s to see our babies dressed up in their costumes.

Reese the LadyBug.

Kai as Stitch (From Lilo & Stitch)

The Newton Clan.

It’s not easy getting a one year old and four-year old to look into the camera at the same time.

Happy 30th Birthday Honey! I love you.

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