The start of fire season

I realize I’ve been blogging a lot lately.  Around this time of year though I feel like so many blog worthy events happen and I want to make sure and chronicle them all.  The first fireplace fire of the season is especially exciting for me.  I may have jumped the gun a bit on choosing today as the inaugural day though.  It is a beautiful, sunny, 50 degree November afternoon but the only thing I could think of that would complete my lazy Sunday while watching the Vikings game was a roaring fire in the background.  I do admit although the fire is wonderful, it really isn’t as compelling when it’s so nice outside.  I think my slight obsession with fires in the fireplace started as a child.  My dad always built the most incredible fires in our house growing up and the smell, the sounds, the warmth brings me back to a feeling of being so safe and happy.  I feel those same feelings today building a fire in my own home not to mention just finding it extremely relaxing. Not bad for the first fire of the season, huh?

Thanks Steve-o for posing for the picture!

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One Response to The start of fire season

  1. Marita says:

    COME ON!!!!
    More posts please… maybe including the new rug.

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