It’s A Tradition

I wanted to put up our Christmas Tree about 3 weeks ago but Ted thought we had to wait at least until after Thanksgiving to buy a tree…what a grinch!  He obviously doesn’t get bit by the holiday bug like I do.  About 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, I have the holiday music station on in my car full-time and can’t wait to get my Christmas tree up.  Today was the first day since Thanksgiving that we had an opportunity to pick out a tree. We have officially started a tradition (this being year #2) of buying our tree at St. John’s, the catholic school that sits in the center of our neighborhood.  I grew up with a fake tree (like all good Jewish girls do) but Ted grew up with a real tree.  The last few years we have gone the fresh route and I have to say, its wonderful.  The smell is fantastic but it’s really the tradition of going together to pick out the tree that makes the experience really special.  We live so close to St. John’s Ted just carries the tree home, it is absolutely hysterical!  When we got home and I started a fire, turned on the best holiday movie of all time, Home Alone and decorated the tree.  I learned from last year to be sure and put the ornaments that don’t break easily at the bottom of the tree.  That lesson was learned courtesy of Steveos very happy tail.  I love holiday time.  Can’t wait to sip hot chocolate and hang out by the tree tonight.

The perfect tree! Round and full.

Only a couple more blocks to go!

I took over decorating duties.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks Steveo, for once again being my model.

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