The Celebrations Continue…

The birthday celebrations continued for my mom’s 60th this week.  Linz, Dad and I invited mom’s closest friends and family and had a fabulous happy hour for her at Crave. The happy hour actually turned into a night of it, but that is what happens when you are having a good time and celebrating someone special.  One of my mom’s good friends flew in from Arizona just for 24 hours for the celebration, it was so great. Here are some highlights of the night.

JennyAnn, Mom & Grandma Mare.

Dad, Denny & Judy Boeddeker and Mom.

Dad & Goochie.

Mom, Mo, Junelle.

The Girls…Junelle, Jan, Mom, JennyAnn.

The Party Planners, Linz & I.

My Family. Love.

Happy Birthday Mom! 60…look like she is 40!

38 years of marriage and still so in love.

Mom, Me, Linz & Grandma Mare.  Happy Birthday Mom, we love you so much.

My mother in law, Mo has a birthday just a few days after mom’s.  I’ve been in big party planning mode because this year I wanted to make Mo’s birthday special.  This year for her has been an exceptionally hard year.  She and Ted are going through a divorce and although they continue to be friends and unbelievable parents to Ted, Molly and Emily its still very difficult.  Mo and I briefly discussed maybe grabbing a bite to eat for her birthday but I knew I needed to do more for her.  For all the wonderful and selfless things she does for Ted and I and everyone in her life, it had to be bigger and better than just grabbing dinner somewhere.  She deserves it.  I had a girlfriend do this for her bachelorette party so I adopted the idea for a surprise birthday celebration for Mo.  I invited 9 other people, family and close friends of Mo’s for an intimate dinner and wine experience at her house.  I hired Mike Rasmssen of Chef Rassy to come into Mo’s house and cook along with hiring a wine sommelier to pair wine’s with each one of Chef Rassy’s courses. Emily and her boyfriend John drive in from Madison for the celebration, Teddy, Mo and I and then a few of Mo’s best friends.  Small but perfect.  The whole night was supposed to be a surprise but how would I known that we were going to get one of the biggest snow storms EVER the day/night of her party.  All of the guests still arrived and so did my wonderful chef, but my wine sommelier cancelled on me, the roads were just too bad.  At first I was a little pissed because it threw off all the plans, especially the “surprise” element of the night.  Emily and I had planned to be at the house at 4pm to set the table, clean the house and prepare for the big “SURPRISE” at 6pm.  Although Sally, Mo’s best friend tried everything to keep her out of the house, Mo came home around 4:30pm because of the roads.  Even though it wasn’t how I planned it at the beginning, Mo was still so surprised and so happy.  She freaked out completely when she saw Emily there and then as more of her friends walked in she just kept screaming and crying in excitement.  We had the most delicious, wonderful dinner.  Hire Chef Rassy if you ever need the perfect evening, honestly he is so talented.  Every single course was better than the one before.  As it turned out, we didn’t even need the wine sommelier.  We picked up the wine that she paired with our menu and we paired them ourselves.  Again, delicious. I’m not quite sure that the whole night has even sunk into Mo yet, but last night she told me this was the best night of her life.  My work here is done! Mission Accomplished.

Chef Rassy with with our wine and dinner menu’s. YUM.

There was no better surprise for Mo then Emily coming in town.

Mo went around to each person at the table and told them how much they mean to her. She cried a little but said such beautiful things to each one of us.  She kind of lost it when Teddy did a beautiful toast to her…but in my world that means, success!

Teddy and Mo.

Me, Nancy and Mo.

The men of the evening, John, Teddy & Ryan.

Ok, Ok, I get why the wine girl couldn’t come.

The view from my front door.

17+ inches of snow fell.

Super Random, but just for fun, I wanted to include this picture in my post.  This is my favorite picture of Teddy EVER. This hangs in Mo’s bedroom.


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