Holidazzle in New York

Holidazzle; {haul-a-dazzle}; noun; a domestic travel destination, where you can walk busy streets, shop with a Starbucks in your hand, see large christmas trees, eat delicious food and spend time with wonderful friends.

Ok, so I made the definition of holidazzle up, but it is my definition for our annual holiday trip that has quickly become one of my favorite weekends of the year.  For the past few years Ted and I have decided to not buy each other holiday gifts, instead to travel.  The last Holidazzle trip was to Chicago and we got to do all of the wonderful things Holidazzle is by definition of course.  This year in New York was no exception.

Our gracious and wonderful hosts of the weekend were Puja and Vinod Chandiramani. Vin, Teddy and Puj all went to Michigan together.  Vin was an usher in our wedding and although this was the first time I met Puja we have communicated many times over the year and I felt like she was a good friend even before we met.  They live in a beautiful condo right off the Hudson River with an incredible view of the city and with a slight turn of your head out the window, a view of the Empire State building.  Their doggy Jackson is a clone (slightly less tan) of Steveo and after a couple of days staying with them, I can say that they are very dear friends.  Within a few hours of our arrival in New York, as usual, Ted could navigate his way around that city in a cab or on the subway.  I always rely on him to get us around new places and as I was wondering aimlessly around the subway one day he looked at me and said “How does it feel?” and I said, “how does what feel?”  He replied with “to have NO CLUE!” HAAAA.  He was referring to the fact that take no time or energy to learn how to navigate myself I just rely on his skill.  Do you blame me?  It’s like a tour guide.  If he just guides me, then I have more time to look at everything around me 🙂

Our friends Vinod & Puja. Next time we see them, we will be meeting their new son.  Puja is due in March.  Vinod has a laugh that would make anyone and anything happy.  I told Teddy I wished that I would have recorded his laugh so if ever I am having a bad day I could play it and just laugh and feel happy!  They are such wonderful people.

Don’t be alarmed. I did not just insert a random picture of Steveo.  That is Jackson! Vinod and Puja’s doggie who kept us company all weekend as well.  When we travel Ted and I always say how much we miss Steveo, but having Jackson around was like having Steve with us.

We were in New York from just Friday – Sunday but we were still able to get so much in. One of the highlights of the trip for me was Friday night.  We took the subway into Brooklyn to meet Orlee, Yehuda, Brie, Brian and Vin and Puja met us there as well.  Not only is Brooklyn the cutest little place, very different from the madness that was Times Square earlier that day but the night was just fabulous.  One of the things I love to do during my Holidazzle weekend is find restaurants that are cozy.  Dark wood, fireplaces, holiday lights up…you get the idea, and this restaurant certainly fit my holidazzle dining requirement. It is so wonderful to see my lifelong friends and even more wonderful to see the relationships that our husbands have started to form over the years.

Brian, Yehuda, Orlee, Brie, Murph, Ted, Vinod & Puja @ Fragole in Brooklyn, NY.

The second highlight of the weekend for me was our Broadway experience.  We saw the Merchant of Venice starring Al Pacino.  Granted, I needed to read the playbill synopsis to understand what was going on as I am not necessary a Shakespeare buff and at times I have to admit, I was completely lost.  I couldn’t remember if it was high school or college that I had to read the Merchant of Venice, but I didn’t remember what it was all about. The story is actually quite amazing and the fact that I was about 16 rows from Al Pacino doing live theater is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.  What a talent that guy is.  The character he played was Shylock, a jewish money-lender who makes a bet that in the end doesn’t turn out exactly how he had planned.  They didn’t let us take pictures in this tiny little theatre he was performing in but it was quite the experience.

He was thrilled when I made him stand by this sign, can you tell?

Rockefeller Center.

The reason I wanted to Holidazzle in NYC…The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

I didn’t realize the “Naked Cowboy” was well-known in Times Square. This crazy guy stand out there in his underwear in the freezing cold.  I took the picture from a distance.

Times Square is always amazing.  Although it makes me a little panicked with all the people everywhere, it’s always necessary to visit when you are in NYC.

We visited the Magnolia Bakery.  A famous bakery (that the sex and the city girls visited). It was really cute.  Too bad they’re cupcakes aren’t really that good.

Teddy enjoying some delicious New York pizza!

Just a New York City girl in the cab! 🙂

Before we left on Sunday, we got up early to get a few more touristy things in.  We visited the site of the new World Trade Center that is being built, which was amazing. I have been to New York since 9/11 so to see the progress of the new building and memorial was really neat.  We also visited the famous Katz’s Deli (The site of the famous orgasm scene from When Harry met Sally) and ate some delicious food.  Walked through SoHo even though most of the shops weren’t open yet and even got to see a little dance party in the subway.

Here are the first 40 floors or so of the new World Trade Center.  It is going to be the largest building in the world (for a while anyway) once it is complete in 2013 it will be 1,776 feet in the sky!

Wall Street. The New York Stock Exchange.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Yummmm. Katz’s deli Pastrami sandwich.

As we were waiting for our subway, there were 3 or 4 guys playing fabulous music.  Out of no where, several couples all dressed up in costumes started dancing!  It was so entertaining!  Gotta love New York.

Happy Holidazzle!







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3 Responses to Holidazzle in New York

  1. brie says:

    Cute Lo! Loved seeing all that you were able to do and loved seeing you and Ted more! Wish we lived closer…

    Happy Holidazzle 🙂

    xo b

  2. Marita says:

    SO SO SO CUTE! Loved the recap. Looked like an amazing weekend.
    And…. how HOT is Puja!

  3. Laura says:

    What a dream vacay especially before the holidays! You two are too cute. Wish I could insert myself into those picture, or better yet the entire trip! Happy Holidazzle Warners! Christmas Kisses…

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