A Merry…Not So Merry Christmas

We started out our Christmas celebrations just like years past with a wonderful meal and a nice relaxing night at the Warner’s.  Mo once again made her famous mashed potatoes, wild rice, beef tenderloin and Molly’s boyfriend Will did not disappoint with homemade sauerkraut soup.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  It’s was a smaller group this year vs years past but low-key and wonderful.  Ted and I had both had really busy weeks at work leading up to the holiday not to mention several holiday parties so we were loving a night in with family.  When we went to bed that night Ted and I were feeling so happy for our great night and looking forward to a wonderful Christmas day packed full with family, movies and more food.  A few hours later our very Merry Christmas turned into a not so Merry Christmas.  From about 3am – 8am Ted was puking his guts up.  We were both up all night trying to make him feel better but nothing was working.  At first we thought food poisoning but after 5 hours of not stop puke we knew it was probably a nasty flu bug.  By 8am we decided to head to Methodist hospital because nowhere else was open on Christmas day.  Luckily at 8am on Christmas Day we got right in and saw an emergency room doctor quickly.  They gave Teddy a ton of fluids and some medicine to make him stop throwing up, thank god.  A few hours later we headed home, tucked Ted into bed and spent Christmas day in bed.  We were bummed that we missed breakfast and presents at the Warner’s, our annual Christmas Day movie and then family and food at the Murphy Christmas but Ted wasn’t up for anything after a night like that.  I wasn’t really either after not sleeping all night.  Thank goodness that he started feeling better 24 hours later, because it wasn’t long before we were headed back to the hospital but this time for a planned visit.  Before the puking…here was our wonderful Christmas Eve night,

Molly, Grandpa Jim, Emily & Ted.

Grandma Jo.

Grandpa Jim playing Christmas Music on the piano.

Em, Molly, Jim, Ted, Murph & Will.  We celebrated Jim’s 88th birthday that night too! He is a Christmas Eve baby.

Mo & Sally. Oprah & Gayle.

Molly & Will in from San Francisco.

Merry Christmas! Just hours before the puke storm.

On Tuesday morning, the 28th we got up really early and headed to Fairview Southdale Hospital for Ted’s ankle surgery.  He has been putting off this surgery for a long time and after several painful flair-ups and a swollen ankle almost 100% of the time, his doctor told him he had to take care of the problem now.  Dr. McGarvey is one of the most well know ankle/foot surgeons in the city.  He is one of those doctors that takes months to see and months to have him perform the surgery but thanks to Mo’s relationship with him, Ted got into see him immediately.  A few weeks after Ted visited Dr. McGarvey we arrived at the hospital for his surgery.  I don’t care what kind of surgery, planned or not, it’s a nerve-racking thing for everyone.  I was so nervous the entire time and I don’t think that I took a deep breath until Dr. McGarvey came out and told me that the surgery went really well.  Thank god my mom was there through the entire thing, my constant support and strength.  Teddy stayed one night at the hospital and I took him home on the 29th. There is nothing in the world better than doctors, surgeons and hospitals when you need them but having him home is much more calming for me personally.  The last couple days we have been watching a lot of movies, laying in bed together, monitoring his pain through medicine every 3 hours.  We got a taste of what having a baby would be like last night, waking up every 2 1/2 – 3 hours to put some food in Teddy’s stomach and then take his medicine.  I’ve been busy making him meals (so he won’t get sick from his pills) helping him in the shower, bathroom, thankfully its nothing serious but these kinds of events brings whole new meaning to those sickness and health vows.  I’m happy it’s all over and glad to be here with him.  Looking even more forward to a fast recovery so we can get back to normal life and start to get some sleep.  Dr’s orders are to keep his ankle elevated above his heart and stay off of his foot for TWO weeks.  Work has set him up so that he can work from home and I’m thankful that I can take this week off to be with him.

As the new year approaches I am going to ask for one thing and only one thing for 2011, good health!  And as an added bonus if we could avoid seeing the inside of a hospital in the new year that would be great!

The patient.

The Cast.

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2 Responses to A Merry…Not So Merry Christmas

  1. Ted says:

    Read: How the Ted Stole Christmas.

    Sorry I’m a train wreck on so many levels. Thanks to my lovely wife for being there with me through everything! Just think honey, 2 more weeks of being my personal nurse!!! your dream come true!!!

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