Ted’s Best Friend

Teddy’s bond with Steveo is exceptional.  In order of importance I’ve always known where I stand, a strong #2 behind Steve.  No matter what Ted does or says Steve is always happy and excited to see him.  Not always the case with me.  Steve greets him with a tail wag and a kiss even when he comes home late and forgot to call, again not the same with me so I am comfortable at #2, ha.  There have been many times in the past 4 years where we have come home to a trash bag opened up and scattered across the floor, or a bar of soap in the bathroom eaten and hidden somewhere for us to find weeks later.  I look at Ted and immediately start to talk about discipline issues, but he usually has a smile on his face and openly admits that there are times where he can’t discipline him because he is just genuinely impressed with Steveo’s naughty abilities.  That is true love and true friendship in my eyes.

Since Teddy’s surgery we have been home a lot.  Without exception, Steve has been by his side everyday and every night.  He moves from the bed to the couch with him and I’ve noticed he has been on high alert the past few days.  Noises that he would normally ignore he is barking at, I realize now he is trying to protect Ted who is stuck on his back for a while.  I heard Teddy laughing from our bedroom last night and I walked in to find this.  Ted’s foot rest had been replaced.  I grabbed my camera and captured the perfect explanation of how much these two love each other.

Let me add that Ted’s leg is heavy, his cast is really heavy and Steve did not move.  He would have stayed like this all night if we didn’t end up moving him.  Just helping his best friend keep his ankle elevated.  So adorable.

The face of a best friend, just doing what he needs to do to help his pal get better.

Thank you hugs from Ted.

Best Friends Forever.

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One Response to Ted’s Best Friend

  1. Gretchen says:

    MELT my heart!!!!

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