It’s Not All Downhill

It’s been about 6 years since I was on ski’s.  I grew up skiing.  In fact, my uncle used to own a ski school in Minnesota and I think with the strength in your legs you get from being a dancer, skiing always came really natural to me.  My dad was an awesome skier too.  I have very fuzzy memories of skiing with him as a child but I think any natural abilities I have certainly came from him.  I’ve been in a weather funk lately, to put it mildly.  We have had record snow accumulation this winter, it’s -14 today (not joking), the thought of actually leaving my warm house frightens me, I have just not been up to facing the harsh realities of January in Minnesota.  My friend Tiffani was telling me about the ski trip to Colorado she is taking with a few of her friends soon.  She said she had been going to the wonderful ski hills of Minnesota for practice and then she said that her first ski run a few weeks ago was actually the first time she had EVER been skiing in her entire life! Tiff’s story motivated me to put aside my seasonal depression and realize if its cold and snowy that I might as well not cucumb to the depression and get outside and back on ski’s.  I figured it has been 6 years since I was on ski’s but if Tiff could ski for the first time at 29, I could certainly get back on a hill and test my god given talents.  I recruited Joee to go skiing at Highland Hills in Edina with me.  Joee hadn’t been on ski’s since 9th grade so I was looking forward to the comic relief of the adventure.  For a couple rusty almost old ladies, we did a pretty good job.  Of course there were a few bumps in the road.  I could not remember what a ski boot was supposed to feel like.  One was too big, then too small, finally I had a lady come out and help me.  Joee had some major confusion as to where you stand before getting on the chair lift which resulted in me having to extend my ski poles across her chest to avoid her being plowed over by the chair lift.  It’s ok that even after the 15th time she still didn’t grasp it…I love her anyway!  There was only one fall, thankfully its was a funny one.  Instead of asking Joee if she was ok, I just pulled out my phone, captured the moment and tried everything to not go to the bathroom in my long underwear!!!  Sure it was cold, yes we were certainly rusty but it was a really fun day.  It felt fantastic to actually be outside, get some exercise, spend time with my friend and come to the realization that there really are a lot of fun and wonderful things you can do during this very long Minnesota winter.

Thank you iphone for allowing me to capture this moment.  Perfect.

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One Response to It’s Not All Downhill

  1. Laura says:

    Adorable! I would totally hit the slopes with you guys-love that you got out there and did something fun together!

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