Surfing High In The Sky

I realize for the very small group of loyal “The Lo Down” readers, posts without pictures are less than interesting.  However, since one of the reasons that I started this blog was to one day share with my children all the interesting things that happened in my life I feel this blog entry is a necessity even without pictures.

Drum Roll Please…

Internet on flights! (Note: it is currently $10.00 per flight to fly and surf.)

Sure makes a 3 hour flight “fly” by.  Pun intended.

I can’t wait for my children to read this and say something like, “I can’t ever imagine flying without being able to be on the internet, what did you do before?”  Who knows, by the time I have children they might be flying their own cars around so maybe the conversation would go something more like “Planes? You mean you flew on a plane with 100 other people to a destination?  That sounds uncomfortable and smelly.”

In which I would reply, “it was.”

Off to a girls weekend in Arizona.  Lovin Life!

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One Response to Surfing High In The Sky

  1. Nope. Loved this post. No pictures needed.
    Is it me, or is your writing style really coming together nicely.
    And, I have yet to ride on a plane that has offered me internet service.
    We’ll need to tell the kids how behind the time times Auntie REET is!

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