I just got home from a long weekend in Arizona.  From my previous post, you know I got to see Ashley and her parents while I was there and also got to spend the weekend with a good college friend, Katie “Wadsworth” Spanish who flew in from Vegas.  For Ashley, Wads and I, it was a perfect time to get away for various reasons.  Getting out of the Minnesota cold to warm my bones was one of the reasons I specifically thought this girls trip was perfect timing.  We stayed at the Camelback Inn in Scottsdale.  It was the most beautiful resort and we had perfect weather all weekend long.  Unlike girls trips in past years which resulted in a hangover and a fast food run, this girls weekend was more of a retreat.  We hiked, we ate healthy delicious meals all weekend long, we worked out, we relaxed in the sun and even got to bed at a decent hour most nights.  It might sound lame, but it was just what we all needed.  Ashley falling into a cactus and Wads and my 3rd degree burns were perhaps the low light of the weekend but none the less, a great getaway.  The Camelback Inn gets a rave review from me.  The most beautiful grounds, delicious food, the service was incredible and the beds were comfy.  I sound like I am 90. Oh well, here are some pics from the weekend.

Lynn, Ashley, Cindy…Team Voss!

Pre tan hike.

Testing the self-timer on a mountain, not easy!

Go Hawks! Happy Hour at the hotel, watching KU advance to the Elite 8!

Dinner at BLT.

The beautiful view from our pool after a glorious massage.  Livin the life!

Workin it for the camera.  Please shoot from the stomach up please.

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One Response to Arizona

  1. Ashley says:

    Love you. Love your show. Love your Nat Geo camera.

    You are always more beautiful and more funny every time I see you. Couldn’t ask for a better friend. Thanks for being my emergency contact–that’s a big step in any relationship. Counting down the days until I invite myself to MN.

    P.S. So mad that your 3rd degree burns make you look more tan than me!

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