Kai’s First Soccer Game

Uncle Tedda and I were so excited to be able to cheer on Kai and the rest of the Edina Timbers at their first soccer game this week.  With his daddy’s soccer genes and dad on the sideline coaching the Timbers, we were pretty sure that we were going to witness the next David Beckham in the making.  Although the Timbers were down pretty early on, they rallied to score a few goals and I got to see Kai and all of his best buddies in action. They were so adorable!  About 2:02 into the video, Kaiman hurt his finger which he made sure to tell us all that he was “pretty sure the blue team did it!”  Ha.  He didn’t get back out on the field after the injury, but I’m pretty sure David Beckham was sidelined by injury for an entire season.  Kai on the other hand will be back as a dominating force for the Timbers next week!

Reesey Roo was enjoying her time at the soccer game as well!  I think if Haig let her go out on the field she would have added to the goal count for the Timbers.

Both of the kids are growing up so fast.  I feel so incredibly blessed to not miss a minute of all of these great milestones in their lives.  Love you Kaiman & Roo!

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