The Big 3-0!

Well, its official.  I’m 30!  The big 3-0 has come and gone and now I begin the next decade of my life.

I wasn’t exactly sure how turning 30 was going to affect me.  I had heard mixed reviews from people, some had trouble with the number, some didn’t.  I hadn’t really given my birthday or my age a lot of thought so a few days before my birthday I decided to take my workout that day to think about it and figure out how I was feeling about this milestone birthday.

Immediately, I felt excited about turning 30 as it relates to my career.  There is just something about being a working professional and being 3o that lends so much more credibility in my warped mind.  I now get to say things like, “for the past 8 years of my professional life” or “my success in the past 8 years…” – it just sounds good, like I know what I’m talking about.  So, so far so good I was thinking, bring on the three-zero!  On a personal level I started to remember my nanny Melissa, turning 30.  I remember at the time thinking how incredibly old that sounded and I even remember thinking “she’s not even married and she doesn’t have any kids and she’s 30!” Clearly, I realize now that although I am married at 30, I certainly don’t have any children myself and there are countless number of 30 somethings that aren’t married and don’t have children which is A-ok!  At this point I was still feeling pretty darn good about the big 3-0.  As my workout continued and I started to feel a little pain in my knee, my heart rate was going way over my “fat burn zone” and then I looked down at the cellulite on my thighs.  It was in that moment I realized the downside to the milestone birthday!  I had a really dear girlfriend of mine, Stephanie, who I worked with in Kansas City once tell me that something “happens” to your body around 26-28.  At the time I had just stepped off of a college campus and couldn’t really understand what she was talking about as I was chowing on my daily breakfast from Winsteads (greasy egg and cheese sandwich to soak up the alcohol from the night prior) but Steph was right, something “happens” to your body. For me it was probably more about 28 or 29 but the reality is that as you get older it’s not as easy to maintain that number on the scale that you once adored.  You can’t eat the quantity that you were able to in the past and even with extensive downward dogs your arms start to take the shape of our favorite daytime talk show host.  I found the downside to 30.

Slightly expanding backsides and Oprah arms aside, I woke up on my big day feeling a bit more emotional than I had anticipated.  In a moment of deep thought I realized that I had just woke up in my beautiful house that I worship, next to my husband and doggy that I truly and honestly ADORE, thinking about the last few days of birthday celebrations with friends and family who make my life feel so complete.  With a bit of a dramatic breath, I exhaled and smiled.  I realized that if turning 30 makes me understand how incredibly lucky I am to have the love and support of so many people and the realization that I have a fabulous life, then 30 ain’t so bad.  And hey, I can work on the arms!

Here are a few highlights of my many birthday celebrations…..

Dinner at Monte Carlo with Linz, Lo, Joee & Andrea!

Birthday date night with Teddy. Dinner at Crave and VIP movie, our favorite!

Don’t tell Jenny Craig! Worth every bite.

Birthday celebration with the fam! Mom and Linz totally went nuts. Cute decorations, amazing food…it was a total blast.

Grandma Betta & Grandma Mare.

Mom made my favorites!

Teddy’s grandpa Jim teaching Kai how to play the piano.

Tedda and Reesey’s turn on the piano.

A romance begins!!! 🙂

On my actual birthday which was Monday, Linz, Haig, Teddy and I went out to dinner and tried a new restaurant that just opened called Mill Valley Kitchen. It was delicious (highly recommend) and it was such a wonderful night!  Thanks to Mo for surprising us with a bottle of wine.  My dinner club girls and I met the night after to continue to eating fest of my birthday for our monthly get together/birthday celebration at another new restaurant called Tilia (again, highly recommended but be prepared to wait).

Kari, Gretchen, Marita, Jenna & I at Tilia.  Which gets me thinking….dinner club blog post coming soon.

Thank you to my wonderful family and friends who made my 30th birthday so incredibly special and fun. I feel like the luckiest person on earth, and cheers to the next decade of my life!

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2 Responses to The Big 3-0!

  1. Post kinda made me teary… thanks to Facebook, and all these people coming out of the woodwork to say, Happy Birthday… really gets you thinking about just how lucky you are. Glad you were showered with love on your special day, you deserve every second of it. XO!

  2. Kelly says:

    Your 30th celebrations looked AMAZING!!!!! Love that you went to Tillia its my new fav!! Cant wait to celebrate you on Tuesday! xo Kel

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