The Northwoods

On Thursday I woke up early and followed Teddy’s mom up to their cabin in Crosslake.  Our mission was to make the Warner cabin clean, organized and beautiful!  Now I’m not just talking surface cleaning, I’m talking about dumpster delivery, drawer by drawer organization, basement spotless kind of cleaning.  We were in clean mode from the minute we arrived on Thursday and we didn’t stop until that cabin looked brand new late Friday afternoon!  Some people would consider a trip like torture, but since I am obsessed with cleanliness and organization I loved every minute of it.  The whole time we were cleaning I just keep thinking how difficult it is to keep up with one household, I can’t imagine how Mo has felt over the years trying to manage and maintain two!  We had a blast though and we accomplished so much.  As Mo told her friend Nancy, “you could eat off of the basement floor.”  The flower pots were filled with flowers, the jet ski lift was fixed and working properly.  Pest control came out and made sure we weren’t sleeping with any “fievel’s” as Teddy was calling them.  Internet was set up, the security alarm is in working order.  The hammock is new, the patio has been cleaned off and new adirondack chairs made the dock extra cute (Mo said I was a bad influence on that one!).  That is just an example of the things that we tackled!  Thanks to the enormous dumpster that was delivered we were able to get rid of the garbage that inevitably builds up at a cabin over the years.  From old furniture, to blankets “toss it” was the phrase of the day.

Flower boxes before….

Flower boxes after!  We went with the fake flowers to avoid having to water and maintain them.  To be honest…they are adorable! Wish I did that at my house.

The final product.

At the end of the day Friday, we relaxed and built a beautiful fire.  It was surprisingly cool for a summer night, but check out my fire making skills,

I should mention that Steve at the cabin = the happiest dog on planet earth.  He roams around all day, jumps in the lake, off the dock, takes leisurely swims.  Here he is thanking me for the wonderful day.

Mo headed home late afternoon on Friday.  Teddy had to work a full day so I had some time alone to enjoy the beautiful day and the fruits of my labor.  I decided to test my new-found northwoods driving skills by doing a solo drive into Nisswa, the cutest little town about 20 minutes from the cabin.  I hadn’t  been to Nisswa since I was probably 10 years old.  Our best family friends, The Carlson’s had a cabin in Crosslake for years, so coming up north and shopping in Nisswa was always a fun activity when we were little and I have such great memories of that place.  Although I was a bit apprehensive to tackle the northwoods roads alone, I made it!  Nisswa is still the cutest little town.  I immediately immersed myself in the feeling of this darling place, grabbed myself an ice cream cone and went in and out of all of the stores.  I felt like I was in a movie, or at the very least far away from my real life.  I even caught one of these going up and down the street,

Every single shop was packed full of cabin tchotchkes that all say something to the effect of “Gone Finishing, I’ll be back when I want to,” or my favorite “A fisherman lives here with the best catch of his life!”  Surprisingly, I ran into some pretty unexpected hotties in Nisswa too.

I loved Nisswa.  Who cares if it’s not the fashion capital of the world.

I headed back to the cabin to meet Teddy and get dinner.  He arrived around 8pm and we went to moonlight for some pizza and beer.  We had a blast just the two of us.  Joey Gorman was up north for a few days before he left for a fishing trip so we got to spend some time at the Gorman cabin, drinking wine and talking with Chuck Gorman, Joe and Ingy!  Saturday morning the Ayers arrived! (Sing it: “Throw your hands in Ayers and wave like you just don’t care!”)  Mikey, Mis and Rufus came to get slice of the good life up north and did we have a blast!  Sweet little Rufus tried hard to keep up with the wild man Steveo, but mostly I was just able to catch him in the most adorable little puppy moments.

Rufus snuggles after his first ever swim in the lake!

Steve and Daddy snuggles too!

Teddy and I both agreed that we want to be spending more time up north.  We want to enjoy the beautiful (and now clean) cabin and begin our own memories in Crosslake.

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