4th of July 2011

We had a wonderful 4th of July.  Teddy and I went up to the cabin on Friday.  We drove through some really bad weather but the sun came out Saturday morning for Marita & Eric Simmons and Kelly & Pete Cecil (almost the Cecil’s – they get married in 2 weeks!) arrival.  We had a great weekend of laying out on the dock, playing on the jet ski’s, BBQs, an egg toss competition (Warner’s – 2nd place), a boat cruise with Eric & Kelly Ingvaldson and Joey & Christina Gorman, a fun vizit to Zorbaz and a great dinner all together at the beautiful Gorman cabin.  It was a nice low-key weekend with lots of laughs and the sadly the first tans of the summer.  Here are some highlights:

Happy Hour at the Warner Cabin.

My Family.

The drunk girl at the party, Nelly.

Lovebirds, Pete & Kelly who are getting married in 2 weeks!

More lovebirds, in their favorite tank tops.

2 weeks in a row of the happiest dog on earth, Steveo.  Hanging with his main sqeeze, Nells.

Ava Ingvaldson & Nelly. Apparently love was in the air!

Ava is such a sweet and happy little girl.

Boat cruise on Crosslake.

Nothing better than a weekend with great friends, a little suntan & a lot of relaxing.

Happy 4th of July!

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2 Responses to 4th of July 2011

  1. Kelly says:

    Great pics!! Im dying laughing at the one of Nellie all drunk! LOL
    Thanks for a great weekend Warners!!!!

  2. Ze Nells totallly passed out after all that beer! Yes, thanks again for an amazing weekend. It was just perfect! And Nellie is still sleepy, I’m not kidding. Best. gift. ever. XO!

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