My Friend’s Family

When I met Katie “Vegas” Wadhams my freshman year of college at Pi Beta Phi bid day, I had no idea that 10 years later we would be sitting in my house playing with her two adorable daughters and talking about her son on the way.  “Wadsworth,” another nickname I have for her, was a wild child in college and so of course, I was naturally drawn to her.  I remember being very intrigued to meet the drunk girl at the first Pi Phi/ Fiji party (she is going to hate me for that one) that was actually born and raised in Las Vegas.  I didn’t realize that actually happened. We instantly became friends and she remained one of my closest friends throughout our four years at KU.  “Wads” was even my first after college roommate, deciding we should move to Kansas City and brave the real world together.  If we survived Phi Delt Luau together, we knew Kansas City would be a walk in the park.  We had so many fun times in college and that year together after college with enormous learning experiences and memories I will have forever.  “Wad-hum,” yet another nickname of mine for her, headed back home to Las Vegas after at year of real world living in Kansas City.  It wasn’t long after she left, that I too, left Kansas City for home.  Even though we have been far apart for many years, minus a stint of her being terrible at keeping in touch a few years ago, we have remained very close friends.

Wads was one of the first of my college friends to get married.  She married one of the University of Kansas baseball studs, Casey Spanish (she will laugh reading that) and started having babies shortly after.  Since Casey is originally from Minnesota, I get to see my good friend once a year and even if it’s for a few hours, I worship that time.

This trip was extra special because I got to spend time with her two daughters, Kylie & Olivia, the cutest little girls on the planet!  I hadn’t even met Olivia who is one year old and wow, I could eat them up!  I had to capture a few shots of these beautiful girls and the beautiful family that my good friend has created.  Even though I know that “wild child” will always live in Wads heart, it was incredible to see what an amazing mom she is and crazy it is to think about how different our lives are now from our days at KU and in KC….

 Senior Year at KU.  Holding beers then, holding babies now!

Olivia Spanish (1 year old) & Kylie Spanish (3 years old)

Casey and his girls!

“Aunt Lo” with Kylie & Olivia.

Kisses & Cheese from the girls!

Sweet Olivia.

My friend Mrs. Katie “Vegas, Wadsworth, Wads, Wad-hum” Spanish.  With baby boy on the way!

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