Austin, Texas

We just got home from our last out-of-town wedding of the summer.  Surprisingly, the summer wedding circuit was still really busy for us this year, but lucky us, of the weddings we attended we got to go to great cities like Austin!  I’m guessing by next summer we won’t have as many weddings, but we have already moved into baby madness so even with less weddings we will still have many celebrations in our future!

I forgot my “nat-geo” camera as Ashley Curtis Lynn calls it, which was really irritating. There are few opportunities where I get some of my best friends from college together in the same place.  So even though these aren’t the best pics (from my iphone) at least I was able to capture some fun of the weekend.


After a 4 mile walk in 110 degree weather, we landed at our destination; Juan In A Million, a very famous mexican restaurant.

Me, Juan & Ted.

The ultimate “Juan in a million challenge.”  Teddy took down 2 of the famous breakfast tacos.  The record is 7!

Keepin it classy Austin!  This sign was intended to lure us into a great sushi restaurant on south congress.  South congress is this great street filled with amazing restaurants, bars and shopping.

Finally, I got to meet Miles Muehlbach.  What an angel!

Out and about on 6th Street!  Me, Ashley & Ashley’s friend, Laura.  Austin has more live music than any other city in the country, including Nashville!  Great atmosphere.

A little blurry, but I wanted to capture our ride home on a pedi-cab!!!

Since we ate our way through Austin, this is a fitting photo to capture the weekend.

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