Just a couple of Leo’s

After two weekends in a row of traveling, it was so nice to be home this past weekend, although we were not short of activities and celebrations throughout the weekend.

The first activity of the weekend was to check out our friend, Eric Dayton’s new restaurant, the Bachelor Farmer.  Missy, Teddy and I went to the new spot downtown for a few drinks before meeting up with Mike and Schneck for dinner and a movie. Although we didn’t eat, the bar was great with some crazy cool drinks to choose from. I’m hoping to go back for dinner this week and check out the menu.  If you are in town, check it out: https://www.facebook.com/TheBachelorFarmer

The fun continued celebrating one of my favorite people in the world, my dad!  64 years young last weekend, he wanted to go up to the rooftop at the new downtown Crave to celebrate his day.  Minus the heat stroke I got by the end of the night and almost passing out (literally) it was a wonderful night.  One of the highlights of the night for me was listening to my dad talk about how his goal by his 65th birthday is to feel better than he did on his 45th birthday.  He’s been at the gym constantly, even doing hot yoga which I introduced to him a few months ago.  He’s eating healthy, enjoying life and he and my mom were even talking about taking “a trip they would never usually take” one-day soon. I love this new side of my very conservative dad, Happy Birthday Daddy-o, you little yogi!

Already looking better than he did at 45!

Before the heat stroke!

The celebrations didn’t end there.  The day after my dad’s birthday was his mom, my grandma Betta’s 90 birthday!!!!  6 kids, 15 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren (1 more on the way from Todd & Carrie) later, grandma Betta was showered with love surrounded by most of the crazy Murphy crew.

Looking amazing at 90!

The Murphy Crew (Missing from the pic; Bard, Natalie, Maddie, Marlo, Lindsay, Haig, Kai, Reese, Kelly, Chad, Ted, Tim & Jack)

Happy Birthday Dad and Betta! I love you both so much.

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