Big Girl Bedroom – Phase One

For my 30th birthday I asked for only one thing from Teddy and that was to be able to re-do our bedroom.  He was hesitant at first as he really only believes in spending money on things that add value to our home.  Although he isn’t wrong, this was something that I really wanted to do and it was my birthday.  Yes, read that like a 2-year-old throwing a tantrum.  My dressers were nice, but purchased by my parents when I moved from KU to my first ever apartment in Kansas City.  We only had one nightstand which Teddy found irritating because he could never see the clock when he was laying in bed.  My headboard is ok, but it was time for a makeover.  I was turning 30 and my bedroom was going to be my adult haven of relaxation and beauty!!!!  My goal for my bedroom makeover was to make the room feel light yet warm, “Cottage-ey” yet sophisticated.  A place where I can’t wait to lay my head at night (not that it was a problem with the old wall color and furniture, but you get my point).

Who knew this task was going to be so difficult.  Since I started this makeover months before my 30th birthday, I am on approximately month 4 of the bedroom makeover and I have just now completed Phase one as I call it.  I guess this is why you hire people who know what they are doing like, Marita Simmons.  Lesson learned.  If I didn’t know this about myself before, I certainly do now; I know what I like, I just don’t know how to put it all together.  Luckily, I’ve been able to pick the brains of many of my friends & family and I at least have the walls in the bedroom painted, new dressers and one side of the bedroom completed.

The old dresser 

Old wall with my old mirror, old paint color.

Introducing Phase One: I absolutely fell in love with the lamp and I’m trying to create night stands similar to that color as we speak.  My favorite part of the beautiful new furniture is the bead board on the sides and that it is made in America!  Thought it was a great “cottage look” and then added in a little sophistication with the mirror.

Phase Two will include delivery of my night stands and finding someone to paint & distress them in the exact color that I want them in.  Another thing I learned; don’t pick out a lamp that you worship and then try to design your bedroom around the lamp color, not easy, but I’m trying.

Phase Three will include a new headboard, new duvet and throw pillows to complete the room.  By the end of phase three my 30th birthday present will have been a bit extravagant but we will have a beautiful bedroom to share with one another, like adults should 🙂  Stay tuned for the next phases and wish me luck, I need it.

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