My Babies; Volume 4

The summer is absolutely flying by.  It’s hard to believe that it is August already. Between the traveling, the weddings, the plans with family and friends, it feels like I haven’t been able to spend nearly as much time as I am used to (3-4 days minimally a week) with Reese & Kai.  I was ecstatic when Linz found out that she had to work last weekend, the same weekend that Haig was out-of-town running his first ever marathon.  I was thrilled because that meant I got some time with the kids, just one on one.

Our first stop was Kylie Gaffney’s birthday party.  The kids had so much fun playing in the water and in the sand and of course their favorite part – cupcakes!!!  I just love spending time with them.  Even the conversations we have in the car are so hysterical.  Kai is so protective of Reesey and just the sweetest little boy on the planet.  So smart and so interested in always learning.  Reesey is my hysterical little angel, already saying about 3-4 words at a time like “Watch me, Lo, ride” when she wants me to watch her ride on her little scooter.  She can be feisty but honestly the most love-able and kiss-able little girl in the world and those eyes, both of them! Melt me.

Reesey getting her tan on!

My Kai-man, 5 years old going on 15 and yes, that is a tatoo on his forehead!


Kai & Reesey’s nanny met me at the house after the birthday party to put Reese down for a nap and hang out while she slept.  Kai and I took that time and went to the movie theater to see Cars 2 and get stomach aches feasting on popcorn, candy & sprite…Kai’s favorite.

Clearly not the best picture (ha) but I had to take it fast since I was the lady doing flash photography in a dark theater!!  Anything to capture the moment.

It was such a wonderful day.  They are growing up so quickly and I don’t want to miss a moment!

Reese showing me her ow-ie.

Playing with sticks!

Love you Kai-man and Roo. Thanks for the endless hours of laughs and love!

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One Response to My Babies; Volume 4

  1. Gretchen says:

    You are such a good Auntie. Like off-the-scale good.

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