Dance Party!

The Murphys are a family of dancers.  Linz and I were competitive jazz, tap, ballet and pointe dancers for most of our lives and I continued to dance in college on the University of Kansas dance team.  When I refer to the Murphys being a family of dancers though, I’m not necessarily talking about Lindsay and my raw talents for the stage (thanks dad!) but more referencing our love to turn on some music and just “get down!”  Weddings, parties, a family dinner or even a night in has been known to transform into an all out dance party with my mom, dad, Linz, Haig, Teddy, Kai, Reese and I.  When there is music around my family, there is most certainly dancing!  Naturally, we have passed this love of “gettin down” to Kai and Reese.  We all were teaching (no judgments please) Kai how to “butt shake” when he was old enough to know what his butt was and Reesey knew what an “arabesque” meant before her first birthday, a ballet dancer in training.

I love to know that our dancing talents and love for a good dance party is being passed onto the next generation.  Special shout to Kai for the “booty shake/mouth slap” move he did at the end of his video.

Reese/Family Dance Party;






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One Response to Dance Party!

  1. Ashley says:

    SUH-WEET moves, Kai Man!

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