The Marathon Man

Funny, handsome, smart, determined, successful, strategic, interesting are just some of the words that would come to mind if someone asked me to describe my brother-in-law, Haig Newton.  I’d also add that he’s a terrific dad, a great husband to my sister and the most loyal friend you could ever have, which is evident in his 743 Facebook friends.  After last weekend I can add “athlete” to that list of words that describes Haiger-man.  He was a star soccer player back in the day but lately has become not just a fan but a student of running and like most ventures in his life, Haig has worked hard to become really good at it.  Last weekend, Teddy, Leen, Timmy, Kai, Reesey and I (Linz had to work – tear!) drove to St. Paul to watch Haig run the Twin Cities Marathon.  Although I might never understand the desire to ever want to run 26.2 miles, we were all so proud of Haiger and thrilled to be at the race to cheer him on and celebrate his finish.

Haig Newton cheer station.

Ted, Dad and Kai in their running gear, blending in nicely with the crowds!

Here comes the Marathon man!

A funny mid-race request of a Diet Coke as Ted tries to hand off anything that he wanted. We weren’t prepared for the Diet Coke request unfortunately!

Off he goes!

After race excitement!

Congratulatory kisses from Reesey…

…and Kai too!

Having fun after the race.

Kai let us know that “if he was in this race, he would beat everyone!”

Celebratory foot and leg rub from mom and I.

Lookin good, Marathon man!  Congrats Haiger, you should be so proud – we are!

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2 Responses to The Marathon Man

  1. Pat Swearingen says:

    We loved getting to see the pictures of you, Haig, and we are so proud of you for your accomplishment!!! How blessed you were to have such a big cheering section rooting for you!!! Adorable pictures of Reese and Kai too!

    Congratulations on a job well done!

    Love you,
    Aunt Pat and Uncle Danny

  2. Gretchen says:

    Haiger – So proud of you. What an awesome accomplishment. Love the pics. Thank you Lauren. My favorite is his boo-b bandaids. 🙂
    Luv you Haiger, Sis

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