Playing It Safe

A few weeks ago we woke up and found glass all over our driveway, Ted’s car window had been smashed in while we slept.  There really wasn’t anything in the car to be stolen, we think that “they” were after the car itself but of course we don’t know for sure.  We called the non-emergency police line and a nice police woman came by the house to check everything out.  She let us know that cases like this typically go unsolved but she gave us her card if we saw anything suspicious in the neighborhood.  The entire experience was very unsettling since I’ve always felt like we live in a really nice and exceptionally safe neighborhood.

I absolutely hate to be reactive to things, luckily in this case it was just some piles of glass that needed to be cleaned up.  However, because of this experience I finally took the time to do some of the things to the house that have needed to be done for a while.  I started out by installing a dead bolt lock on our back door and whether or not this would deter someone from doing this again in the future, I installed a motion detector light over our garage door.   Lastly, we are now secured with a bad ass security system.  Thanks to ADT we now have a 24/7 security system, in home motion detectors and wireless safety capabilities.  I feel like I have done everything that I can possibly do to keep us safe and some of these improvements have certainly made that unsettled feeling disappear.  We might have one more source of safety in the house, but I’ll pass on sharing that one with the world.

For all of my loyal Lo Down readers, take this post as a reminder to not be reactive and to make sure you and your family are safe and secure.

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One Response to Playing It Safe

  1. lindsay newton says:

    You will rest easy now….. Good for you guys. Makes me get my act together and get the guy out to fix ours. love you.

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