The Golden-Ween

This Halloween was extra special because it was also Teddy’s golden birthday.  Couple that with the fact that we haven’t been to a good old-fashioned Halloween party in a while and thus the “Golden-ween” was born.  Our friend Cam was also celebrating his golden birthday on Halloween so we combined efforts and threw a bash together.  The nice staff at Kieran’s was happy to see such a big crowd, but didn’t seem all too pleased with the blow up doll (courtesy of someones costume) shattering a glass casing around the fireplace in the room we rented.  They were especially not pleased when one of our lovely guests ripped a t-shirt off of someones body on the dance floor and threw it in the air, only to have it land in the chandelier and almost catch on fire.  Apparently we weren’t the only one’s in the mood for a good old-fashioned Halloween party – yikes!  With no injury from the broken glass and no actual burning down of Kieran’s, Cam, his fiance Michelle, Ted and I decided that we throw awesome parties together.  Rowdy guests aside, it was a blast.

Brainy Smurf & Smurfette. Yes, that blue paint did reek havoc on my skin, level 10 acne!

Leia, Luke, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf aka Linz, Haig, Lo & Ted.

“Andrea, you’re smoking that cigarette backwards!”

Pete & Kelly.

Linz, Mis, Murph, Shira, Lo & Andrea.

The other golden birthday boy, in his third costume of the night.

John & Jenna. Unlike the advice from several websites Jenna visited, she did not show up as a slutty pregnant nurse or a slutty pregnant teacher!

“You can get wit this, you can get wit dat!”

Christine & Loving.

Teddy, Murph, Melissa & Paul.  Paul was the 1% and wore a pin that said “while you were out occupying Wall Street, I was out occupying your mom!” HILARIOUS.

After the glass came crashing down, everyone was staring at the only guest that could have done it…she did look shocked!

Lo & Shira.

This might go down as Missy’s best costume, ever!

Happy 31st Golden Birthday, Brainy!

I have to also add that Friday night we had a Halloween party to attend as well.  I once again attained my goal of looking as ugly as possible any time costumes are involved, Donald Trump did not disappoint.

This was a vintage California Raisin costume straight from Anne Hofmann’s basement. The smell convinced us that this was true! Go Mis.

Shira being a Firework!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.

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One Response to The Golden-Ween

  1. Kelly says:

    Great party!!! We had so much fun!!

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