Scottsdale, AZ (Lou for Prez part deux)

A long overdue girlfriend getaway wish Ash, Winey & Lay.  We met in Scottsdale for the weekend to warm our bones and spend some time together.  The weekend was full of laughs, relaxation and wonderfully early nights to bed, oh how times have changed since our KU days or even our last girls trip to Sonoma in 2009.  These kinds of weekends are always such wonderful reminders of how blessed I am to have such a deep connection and  bond with my girlfriends.  San Diego, Kansas City, Chicago & Minneapolis could certainly hinder our ability to stay close but we have never and will never let that happen.  I must have done something right in my life to deserve friends like this.

Ashley and I met in Scottsdale on Thursday and stayed at the Montelucia for a night. Quite a view to wake up to!  

Ashley’s brother lives in Scottsdale and he told us to visit this awesome authentic mexican restaurant called Frank and Lupes.  It did not disappoint. We ate our faces off and headed back to the hotel where we just sat out by the pool (in our clothes) and laughed and relaxed.  

Even though the weather was amazing, it cooled down at night so we dressed warm to have another amazing meal with her brother and his girlfriend at a restaurant called Olive & Ivy.

Yup! I had to put this one in there.  This is a picture of my darling Ash in the “whisper room,” at the Montelucia Spa.  Friday morning we treated ourselves to a manicure & a pedicure and took full advantage of the entire spa and all of their products! The highlight was the whisper room.  A serene room full of beds and beautiful spa music where you can just lay and relax.  The best room I’ve even been in, EVER!

We couldn’t be in the whisper room long because our girls, Lay and Wine were flying in Friday morning. We ended up staying the rest of our weekend at the Camelback Inn and that is where we met up to start our wonderful weekend.  The “rats” re-united!!

Elements is one of the most well-known restaurants in Scottsdale for the incredible views at sunset.  We had 7pm dinner reservations so we went early to sit outside and see the incredible view.  It was a wonderful night. 

 Ash & Winey, dinner at Elements.

 Lay and I, dinner at Elements.

This photo might look familiar.  I think I was sitting in the exact same chair at the Camelback Inn spa pool a year ago when I was there is Ashley Voss & Katie Wadhams.  After a morning of spa treatments, we got some sun and relaxed by the beautiful pool with the most amazing view.  We felt like lifestyles of the rich and famous.  Saturday night we headed to dinner early, watched the KU game in the beautiful hotel lobby and hit the hay rather early.   

I loved every single minute of the weekend.  Love my rats!!

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