Getting So Big

At almost 6 and 2 1/2, Kai and Reese are not the easiest subjects to deal with as it relates to taking pictures.  The candy bribes don’t seem to work anymore and their interest in standing still and smiling for my camera is whatever comes after last on their list of priorities.  So my lack of updated pictures of the two of them on the Lo Down is only because I haven’t figured out how to keep them still long enough to capture something worth posting.  Until then, I was able to grab my phone last Sunday as my family was eating dinner together to share a few minutes of sweet and adorable Reesey Roo reading her book before bed.  As most of you know, the Newton kids are little geniuses, but no, Reese isn’t reading on her own quite yet.  The story you will hear is her imagination at work.  A compilation of the things that her little mind made up with the pictures she saw in the book and I’m guessing mashed together with a few experiences that she remembered over the past few days.  One thing that I am clear on, Reese has recently been to Target. Listen…it will make sense.


PS – the panting in the background is the dog, not Ted.


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