Oh Baby!

It can now be official and shared with the world, I’ve been anxiously waiting to tell everyone…we are having a baby!!! There aren’t words that adequately describe the excitement, worry & in some moments, fear, that came almost instantly after seeing those two pink lines show up on the pregnancy test.  Excitement and sheer happiness have certainly trumped the worry and moments of fear over the past 12 weeks but the emotions that come with this fantastic news have been intense & incredible.

Ted has been without a doubt beyond my wildest dreams in terms of love and support in the past 12 weeks.  Whether it was a plate of crackers & ginger ale on my nightstand in the weeks that I was feeling nauseous or his calm and collected response to my random hormone induced sobs, his entrance into saint hood in my opinion is official.  To add to all that he has done for me, his latest contribution to earning the “perfect husband award” has been almost nightly mouth to belly conversation with the baby.  He keeps the talks short and just muffled enough for me to not be able to make out what he is saying, but those moments that have quickly become my favorite.

Not to say that everything in the Warner household since we found out our news has been picture perfect.  From a couple of bleeding scares and a trip to the ER over severe abdominal pain (that ended up being a cyst on my ovary that was bleeding into my abdomen) I have certainly been keeping our family on our toes.  Thankfully, any of the scares have all had positive outcomes and most important we have a healthy baby growing in my belly!

Baby Warner should be making its arrival around October 19th.  A perfect birthday gift for “dad!”

Incredible 3D image of Baby Warner.  My dad says “it looks like Ted!” ha.

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3 Responses to Oh Baby!

  1. Kelly says:

    Congrats Warners!!!!!! Cant wait for October!!!

  2. Sam says:

    SO unbelievably excited for you and Ted! October is a good month to have a baby :)! Being a mom is truly an adventure and while I’ve only been in the game for 5 months now, I’m happy to share any guidance or support! You’ll soon learn everyone will be sharing their stories with you, so if you need anything let me know sista! So excited! XOXO

  3. Just getting around to reading your blog after say… MONTHS?!?!? I love that you got to post this news. It’s the best feeling in the world to be “out there” and ready to beam. You’re a glowing ball of cuteness, and I sincerely can’t wait to watch you become a Mom. It’s the best and weirdest and most miraculous of all life has to offer. Glad to hear you’re no longer needing Ginger Ale… or the ER! (had NO clue about all that!) XOXO.

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