Crown, Crown & More Crown on Balsam Lake

A few weeks ago we made our way back up to Balsam Lake for our now traditional stuff your face, drink a lot & eat cookie brownies until your sick trip to our good friends Amy & Ted Carlson’s cabin.  This time though, Linz & Haig dropped the kids off at Nana and Grandpa’s house and came up with us for some fun.  Let’s just say, the addition of the Newton’s and the fact that KU won their final four game to go to the championship added a whole new level of fun. In fact, some of the pictures from the night have been banned from being published.  There may or may not be a video available as well.  I won’t mention any names, except to say that after a couple of bottles  of crown reserve (we only do the high brow stuff in Balsam Lake!) there was maybe some boys dancing in their underwear to the likes of Fergalicious & Gaga!

I can share with my loyal Lo Down readers the fun leading up to the now infamous “dance party,” and certainly can say it was another amazing weekend with our dear friends & family this time! We can’t wait to get up there again this summer.

Teddy & Teddy, getting started on the crown early with a bonfire. 

Ted telling the most hilarious story.

Lindsay’s reaction to the story…

Haig’s reaction to the same story!! Classic.

 The very drunk girl at the bar in Luck yelling “Lauren, Lauren, get up here!”  Um, no thanks and who told her my name by the way? Thanks for that one.

The Balsam Lake crew!  Right before things got weird!!! 

We love you so much Carlson’s! Thanks again for a wonderful getaway.

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One Response to Crown, Crown & More Crown on Balsam Lake

  1. lindsay newton says:

    Honestly!!! So much fun…Im laughing all over again seeing Ted C’s face telling that story! Beyond hysterial! Thanks Lo for the awesome re-cap! It was just the best! Cant wait to do it again this summer!

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