Team Missy 2012

The 7th year of Team Missy was once again another successful year.  Not just from a fundraising perspective, but the turnout at the actual event was amazing.  It was a cold, windy and a potentially rainy morning (that thankfully held off) but still so many people who love and adore Mis showed up and walked around the lake.  I feel forever grateful to be a part of such an amazing cause.

I’ve been a part of a few different charities throughout my life, but nothing gives me more satisfaction than being a part Team Missy.  It is amazing to see the money we have raised over the years coming to fruition in new drugs that have been experimental and are now available to people like Missy, allowing her to continue to live a rich and long life.  I couldn’t announce the exciting new better than Missy herself so here is her Facebook post from 5/6/12:

“Still smiling from a great turnout on Saturday for the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides TEAM MISSY walk! THANK YOU for all your love and support! And today, SUCH exciting news in the CF world!! Vertex announced that for those of us with two Delta F508 CF gene mutations, “the combination of VX-809 and Kalydeco led to significant improvements in lung function that exceeded our expectations.” Now, you might think a 5% or 10% increase isn’t a big deal, but when we’re talking about YOUR LUNGS and YOUR ABILITY TO BREATHE, 5-10% can mean a healthy day or a hospital stay. It can mean feeling ‘almost’ normal or gasping for a breath. And bottom line, what it actually means is MORE time and MORE life to live. Now THAT’S a BIG DEAL! :)”

Team Missy 2012

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