Montauk, NY

I love it when you talk about something and then actually do it!  In the case of Ted & I going to Long Island and then doing a beach weekend in Montauk with our good friends Brie & Brian, for a long time it was just talk.  Then we found out I was pregnant.  We realized quickly that our beloved weekend getaways for no reason would quickly be coming to an end (for a little while anyway) so we jumped on the opportunity to turn our “Montauk talk” into action!  Tickets were purchased, hotel rooms were reserved and to make the trip even better, Ashley & Mike Murphy were going to join the fun.  Ashley is one of Brie’s best friends from college who I had the pleasure of meeting in Chicago during Brie’s bachelorette party weekend.  Ashley and I couldn’t be more alike and quite frankly we fell madly in love with each rather quickly, that’s what we tell people anyway! I call the weekend we met in Chicago “destiny” and most of my friends know which Ashley I am talking about when I refer to her as “my girl crush.”  What is it with the Ashley’s in my life?  I love them all so much.  To top it off, Brie, Ashley and I are all pregnant!  No matter what people say, until you know, you don’t know when it comes to pregnancy, so vacationing with 2 other girls that get up early, go to bed early and want to talk about this crazy experience makes vacationing with a group much easier.  The girls somewhat early nights in gave the boys the opportunity to go out together and do whatever it is that boys do without their nagging, pregnant wives telling them they want to go home.  It just worked!

Montauk is an awesome place.  It felt very east coast, but very laid back at the same time. The seafood that we ate everyday was amazing, the only thing that would have made it better would have been a few glasses of wine to wash all that great fish down!  The weather was hot & although Ted got a 3rd degree ankle burn, Mike threw out his back from a killer ocean wave and the 3 of our bellies in bikinis got more attention that we had anticipated the weekend was a total success.  We even got to see some celebrities!  We saw the beautiful Helena Christensen (model, probably most famous for being a Victoria Secret angel) on the beach and the top two celeb sittings were definitely Paul Giamatti, who was staying at our hotel and Robert DeNiro who we saw getting breakfast while we were at this fabulous little organic cafe.  Our D list encounter was having dinner with one of Scott Disick’s best friends (who has made several cameos on Keeping up with the Kardashians). I didn’t get a chance to embarrass myself and drill him on everything Kardashian, but I figured even as a D list encounter, it was worth noting.

The Montauk Crew, Instagramed! Brie, Brian, Ted, Lo, Ashley & Mike.

Brie & Lo at our hotel, Montauk Manor.  

Lo, Brie & Ash at dinner.

This is the only picture that Teddy & I took the entire weekend and I can’t figure out how to get rid of his creepy eyes!  Oh well, its documentation, I was there with my husband 🙂

Thank you Brie, Bri, Ash & Mike for a wonderful weekend.  We definitely agree this should be an annual getaway.

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