Hello 3rd Trimester

I entered my 3rd and final trimester with a first class ticket to LA, a wedding celebration in Malibu and a 4 year anniversary milestone – not a bad deal at all.  The truth is, traveling in your 3rd trimester is a little bit tough but I was far from roughing it.  Teddy and I stayed one night at our favorite hotel in Santa Monica, the Viceroy, and spent the rest of the weekend in an amazing house that the Buth family rented right off the famous street, Abbott Kinney.  We rented a car and drove to Malibu both Friday and Saturday to hang with the bride and the groom, Pam & Kevin Buth and their families.  It was a very small wedding, very relaxed and very “Buth” as I have been explaining it to everyone that knows Kevin.

Weekend Highlights:

  • Who doesn’t like a first class ticket? I believe my quote to Ted was “I’m sorry honey, but this is the only way I am going to travel from now on.”  I think Ted’s response was something like “sure, Murph, sure.”
  • Staying at the beautiful Viceroy and celebrating 4 wonderful years of marriage with Teddy.
  • Once we arrived in Malibu, the Buth family had rented an enormous house where close friends & family dinned on traditional Brazilian food (Pam is from Brazil), played volleyball (or in my case, watched them play volleyball & stuffed my face with food) and enjoyed a couple of days filled with no plans.
  • Seeing Kevin Buth get married.  It happened people – it happened.

Weekend Low lights:

  • Feeling uncomfortable about 90% of the time in terms of sitting for any length of time, standing for any length of time and sleeping has become of bit harder, especially when you aren’t in your own bed.
  • Figuring out how to get drunk Ted & drunk Jesse (Ted’s best friend) from Malibu back to Santa Monica on Saturday night.  Nothing like being 7 months pregnant, sober and trying to navigate the pacific coast highway alone with two drunkards in the car.
  • Realizing that dancing to “sexy back” at 7 months pregnant doesn’t have the same appeal as it did before.  When your ribs, stomach & hips no longer operate separately its time to excuse yourself from the dance floor.

As usual, the highlights far outweigh the low lights!  Here are some of my favorite pics of the weekend –

Our arrival at the Viceroy after a late flight. Happy 4th anniversary honey. Love you.

The scenery was too beautiful on the drive to Malibu to not stop and take a pic!

Uncle Kevin taking his nephew Kase down the slide at this amazing house they rented in Malibu.

Wedding time!

The Buth Family.  Adore them!

The beautiful bride & handsome groom.  Congrats Pam & Kev. We love you guys!

Teddy and Jess, nursing a hangover on Venice beach before we headed home.

So tomorrow I will have entered my 29th week of pregnancy.  It’s hard to believe that I am so close to the finish line, but at the same time I know I still have a way to go.  I’m told that these last 10 weeks or so tend to be the hardest in terms of slowing down and feeling comfortable.  I understand it a bit already.  As I mentioned earlier I have definitely slowed down, physically.  Little cat naps are my best friend (if possible) and my prenatal chiropractor is literally my favorite person on earth.  She gives me such amazing relief as baby girl loves to beat up the right side of me.  Still worshiping every kick & roll though so the uncomfortable is a small price to pay.  We’ve been busy doing a lot of preparation;

I am making great progress with the nursery.  There are definitely things I need to still accomplish in there though.  To say I love that room already is the biggest understatement of the century.  I am in love with that room & it has quickly become one of Steve’s favorites rooms to hang out in too, so cute.  I will absolutely do a nursery post sooner than later.

Ted and I took a prenatal birthing class as well as a breastfeeding class.  What I learned is that I am without a doubt asking for an epidural and not even considering a natural birth. After watching a natural birth video I had to get a bagel and sprite from Panera because I was completely nauseous, ha.  Also realized that I am insanely devoted to being a breastfeeding mom.  I love that I have the choice but feel strongly about giving it my very best effort.  Huge props to Teddy to sit through a 2 hour class devoted to boobs.

We have begun our daycare vs nanny discussion and search as well.  A few nanny interviews coming up in the weeks to come as well as a daycare in Edina we are interested in looking at.  What a strange process all of this is and might I add, holy crap, child care is expensive, no matter which route you go!

I am officially in “nesting” mode with no travel plans now until after baby girl is born.  I plan on taking full advantage of these last few nesting weeks by relaxing with my husband, my family and my friends.  So far though, I have to say this process overall has been incredible.  Besides some crazy hormonal sobs, bruised ribs and not ever getting used to seeing your body change so much, I have to say this whole experience has been incredible.  Let’s just get it out now – I am one of those annoying people who loves pregnancy!  Feeling blessed and getting so very excited to meet this little person that dances in my tummy all day and night….

28 weeks and getting big!!








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  1. Sam says:

    Looking good mama!

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