Steve, Our First Born!

Let’s be honest here, in about 2 months Steve’s world is about to be rocked!  Steveo, our yellow lab, has been the center of our household for the past 5 years.  Our “first born” as Ted and I so embarrassingly call him is treated like a king around here.  When we go out of town, Steveo doesn’t head to a kennel, OH NO, we wouldn’t have such a thing.  He either gets to spend the weekend with Mo, Ted’s mom and their dogs or my latest obsession is to have someone come stay at our house and take care of him.  He’s got it good.  Part of the reason why Steveo has it so good around here is because we are truly in love with him and he has given us so much love & laughter over the years.  We would do anything for this dog – and do.  Trust me, check out of bill at the vet!

So in these last few months as I am preparing for baby girl and our first “human born” child to arrive, I started thinking about how much life is going to change for Steve. Simply put, our world will be revolving around something else.  I promised Steve the other night as he was giving me his famous “dog hugs” in bed (eye roll acceptable, here) that although my focus is going to change, I promise to keep throwing him frisbees, taking time at night for snuggles with him and oh yeah, I promised that I wouldn’t forget to feed him!!  I hear from other new mom’s that those once simple tasks are often times overlooked once baby has arrived.

So it’s only fair knowing that shortly this blog will turn into a montage of baby girl’s life, that I make a tribute to our Steve-o boy who we love more than anything in the world and who we know is going to be an amazing and protective big brother (2nd eye roll acceptable, here). Now, how do I choose from the 1,200 or so pictures that I have of him? He’s a really cute subject!  Love you so much buddy!

Snuggles with dad, his VERY best friend!

This is sleepy Steve.  

Steve’s happy place, The Warner Cabin. Crosslake.

One of my favorites!

This happens, often!

This is his “Marley” look!  Trouble.

His obsession, the Kong frisbee! Action shot!

If he could talk, he would be saying “throw me another ball, throw me another ball, throw me another ball!”

“Yes buddy, things are about to change!”

One of my favorite pictures of Steveo & I.

Our family, 2011.

Love you Steve-o bear!


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