The Nursery

If you don’t know this about me by now, I do things a head of time.  I absolutely cannot stand the feeling of being unprepared or late.  So it comes as no surprise that 9 weeks prior to the birth of my daughter I can officially say, her room is ready for her.  I realize this is quite laughable since she won’t even be in her room for the first few weeks of her life, but that doesn’t matter, at least I am prepared!!

Baby girl’s room is hands down the best room in the house.  It has been such a fun experience making that room perfect and seeing it all come together.  Before I share the “adorableness,” I must give credit where credit is due.  A while ago, I had called on my brilliant & talented friend Marita Simmons, the owner of Marita Simmons Interiors to help me come up with a plan for the nursery.  I have always admired the work she has done and thought even if she could steer me in some direction, I know it would be better than what I could come up with on my own.  Marita so kindly gave me some of her valuable time and asked several questions about what direction I thought I wanted to go with the room.  I didn’t have too many preferences so with some email conversations and a couple visits to the house, Marita laid out for me different design board options that she felt would both meet my needs based on our conversations & also get me to think outside of the design box.  Because she is incredible at what she does I fell completely in love with all of her options but gravitated toward one concept specifically!  The woman knows what she is doing!  I realize what she did for me isn’t even in the vicinity of the real projects that she designs on a daily basis but I owe the “best room in the house” to her – without a doubt.  Thanks Reet, you are incredible at what you do!  Couldn’t have pulled this room off without you.

I am so excited to share with you the completed nursery.  Enjoy!

A view from the door. 

A view from the crib.

A view from the window.

A view from the rocker.  Blanket strategically placed over the little chair that has her name printed on it! oohhh the suspense!!

Framed vintage nursery rhymes over the crib.

Cutest little birdcage photo holder over the changing table!  

Probably my favorite wall in the room. I love the dresser, the lamp, the mirror!  And what are those darling “S” and “W” bookend on the dresser? Whatever do those stand for!?  Kinda thrilled with the rocking chair that I found at a consignment shop and had painted.  Worship that it’s an old school rocking chair!

Thanks Marita! Obsessed with the drum shade.

We splurged a little and put custom closets in her room.  Like I said, best room in the house!

Just for fun, had to share these darling little rings that I found on Etsy. They separate her clothes by newborn, 3 mos, 6-9, 9-12 etc.  Yes, her closet is full thanks to her aunt Linz & cousin Reese for all the hand me downs that are literally brand new!

Now the countdown begins to fill this room with the little person who kicks and rolls in my belly all day long.  Such an exciting time.

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One Response to The Nursery

  1. April says:

    You are getting close Murph! Wish we could be there in person to wish you luck 🙂 HUGS to the family!!

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