We have an eater!

5 months old, Sloane tried oatmeal for the first time.  Not that I was shocked, she is after all Ted Warner’s child, she loved her oatmeal!!  She has since tried carrots, which she was an enormous fan of and green beans are next on the list.  I’m hoping that she continues to love food but I can’t imagine that I have anything but an eater on my hands.  I just made her first batch of homemade food which was really easy!  A trip to Whole foods for some organic fruits & veggies, throw the carrots (in last nights case) into my baby breeza food processor and it steams and purees the food for you. Threw them in containers in the fridge, labeled them and it was done.  So easy, fun!  Sloane is only eating food one time a day now per her pediatrician, but it has quickly become my favorite part of the day.  Food is everywhere and since she leans over in her little chair and eats her foot in between actual food bites the food it quite literally from head to toe!

Sloane’s 1st bit of food:


Some other 5 month Sloane pics:


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One Response to We have an eater!

  1. Sam Carolus says:

    What a happy beautiful girl!

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