Sloane & Sonoma

Hello world! On a weekly basis I think about my lonely little blog and have every intention of posting something brilliant.  Before I know it, weeks have passed and often times I don’t even know where to begin with my updates!  Had some time today between meetings so I thought I would get to it.  So, let’s start with the obvious…

My baby is almost 7 months old.  How on earth!? I sound like a broken record, not to mention I now echo all my other mommy friends with kids, but, “it just keeps getting better!”  I wondered the other day if it was possible to kiss a baby too much? If it is, I have surpassed the appropriate amount.  I know it will be a matter of months until I won’t be able to plant those smooches on her lips as often as I do now, so I am taking FULL advantage of it while I can.  Sloane is rolling all over the place, sitting up and even starting to scoot when you put a toy in front of her that she wants.  Her favorite toy…a toothbrush.  Seriously.  She loves her oatmeal and fruit in the morning and loves to eat fruits and vegetables for dinner.   She made a sour taste and her whole body shivered when I introduced applesauce, but past that, she’s loved everything that has been introduced to her.  I’ve been making her food for the past month or so which I have really enjoyed doing.  However, I picked up some great organic combo’s at Whole Foods last week that she loved, so I’m thinking I might just go that direction since the pureed food stage is for such a short period of time.  Sloane is sleeping great at night.  She is very early to bed and very early to rise but the 10-11+ hours of sleep that she gets makes for a very happy baby, thank you cry it out!  She’s not the best napper in the world but I’m working on that.  Her nighttime sleeping has me less concerned about the amount she is napping during the day, but maybe with a tooth breaking through one of these days she won’t be woken up from her naps.  That seems to be the problem.  

She is my gift. Truly the person I want to hang out with most.  I couldn’t love her anymore than I do.

IMG_0644 IMG_2740

photo-34Even though I wouldn’t mind spending my every waking minute with my angel, Ted and I promised each other pre Sloane that we would continue to travel, have time as a couple and keep a “marriage first” family.  What better way to spend time with my hubby than throwing in some good friends and some good wine.  Jesse and Tiffani Dodge and Kevin and Pam Buth meet us in Sonoma for a long weekend of wine tasting, feasting on delicious food, some pool & hot tub action and a wonderful weekend away.  The weather was perfect.  85 and sunny the entire time we were there.  We rented an insane house through VRBO with a pool and hot tub.  The house was so nice in fact that after day #2 of wine tasting, we decided to cancel our dinner reservations, order pizzas to the house so that we could swim and hang out together. It was awesome.  The first stop of the weekend set the bar very high and was probably the highlight of the trip.  We went to Arista Winery.  The owner of the winery gave us a tour of their beautiful property.  He drove us in golf carts to their chicken coup where we picked a dozen fresh eggs and were then introduced to their chef who works at the winery.  The chef showed us around as well and had up pick out of their gardens fresh radish, strawberries, lettuce to put into the lunch he was going to make for us that would be paired with the wines.  We sat at this beautiful table outside overlooking the vineyard and we had the most amazing lunch and the most amazing wine.  It was one of the coolest experiences of my life.  Other biggest highlight of the trip – getting to see the one and only Ms. Molly Warner!  She and her boyfriend Alex, drove up early Saturday to do a full day of wine tasting with us.  It was SOOOOOO great to see her.  Definitely a trip I would do again.  Wine and food, all weekend long, yes please.  Loved the time away but was definitely ready to see my baby girl on Sunday!


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