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We have an eater!

5 months old, Sloane tried oatmeal for the first time.  Not that I was shocked, she is after all Ted Warner’s child, she loved her oatmeal!!  She has since tried carrots, which she was an enormous fan of and green … Continue reading

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Quick, Easy & Delicious

Most nights after a full workday I am exhausted.  Cooking, on the list of priorities is usually very low if it’s on the list at all.  Ted and I lived off of Mo’s homemade vegetable soup for most of our … Continue reading

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Pretzel Turtles

Around holiday time we have a lot of people over to our house.  Whether it is an unexpected visit or a planned dinner party, Ted and I love to have our home full of friends and family.  It’s always nice … Continue reading

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Dinner Parties

Last night Amy & Ted Carlson came over for dinner.  It was a long overdue get together, and we had a total blast.  The menu was fabulous.  Homemade cheese sticks and roasted shrimp for an appetizer, both recipes I received … Continue reading

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