1/2 Way

It’s seriously hard to believe that I am half way through my pregnancy.  Ever since we found out that we have a baby girl on the way, I have felt so much closer to this pregnancy and so much more excited about meeting this little person inside of me.  To add to the excitement, I am starting to feel this angel moving around in my belly on a more regular basis.  I keep saying “being pregnant is so cool and so nuts!”

I promised myself during this 9 or so months that I wouldn’t turn the Lo Down into a pregnancy blog, but I definitely think the half way point requires some documentation.

Highlights of the first 20 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Not throwing up or feeling sick for any major length of time.
  • Reveal party!
  • Watching my little girl dance around the screen during all of her ultrasounds.  During the last one, she was actually in a pike position, legs over her head.  (yes, the “like her mother” comments have already been said)
  • Feeling those little movements or “bubbles” in my belly.
  • Still fitting into my jeans!! With the help of a hair binder to secure the top or a belly band for my work pants.

Low lights of the first 20 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Getting up in the night to go to the bathroom.  I guess my days of sleeping through the night are over.
  • Sneezing. Who knew that sneezing would lead to 3 different changes in underwear.  Holy embarrassing!
  • Lion King nipples.  I can’t remember if I read or was told that one of the reasons your nipples get so enormous and turn so dark is because its providing a target for the baby for breastfeeding.  Well, take my word for it, my little girl will have very little problem finding her target.  Ted sings the Lion King theme song when I step out of the shower.

Luckily the highlights trump the low lights.  As predicted by some of my best friends, I am loving this experience.

20 weeks!

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It’s A Girl!!

Yesterday, 5/24/12, we had our “20” week ultrasound, although I am not officially 20 weeks until next week.  We told the ultrasound technician that we wanted to find out the sex of our baby, but we wanted her to seal the results in an envelope.  We decided to jump on the “reveal party” craze and have our family over to cut open a cake and “reveal” the gender of the baby through a pink or blue cake!  I had no idea I was signing up for such torture when I agreed to this idea (yes, the concept was brought to me by Teddy, adorable).  The 9 hours between the start of the ultrasound and the reveal party were definitely filled with anxiety and excitement.  We dropped the sealed envelope off at Queen of Cakes and by 6pm we had our family over (with Molly and Em on facetime) gathered around the cake to reveal….WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!!

The reveal party!

Borderline torture having this cake sitting on our dining room table not knowing what color was inside!

It’s A Girl!!

We opened up the envelope that the ultrasound tech gave to us, just to make sure the bakery didn’t make any mistakes!

Teddy and I couldn’t have been more excited!  

It was such a wonderfully fun way to find out the sex of the baby and having our family around us just made it that much more exciting.  Ted and I are both thrilled with our decision to find out the sex of the baby.  The combination of those tiny little kicks I am feeling (or better described as bubbles right now) and just knowing that we have a healthy, sweet little girl in my belly has made me feel instantly more relaxed and ready for the next 5 months ahead.

Thanks to Linz, we were able to capture the reveal on video.  Between the facetime and everyone screaming in excitement the video is filled with a bit of commotion, but we are so excited to have it on tape.  Highlights of this video include:

  • “I’m so nervous right now, someone cut the darn cake” – Lindsay Newton
  • Screaming at the top her lungs courtesy of Maureen Warner!!
  • The loud excitement, literally bringing Reese to tears (Kai too, but we didn’t capture that).  Luckily a slice a cake made it all better.

We are so thankful for this incredible gift that has been given to us and appreciative that we are able to share this journey with our family & friends.  To say we are blessed is the biggest understatement in the world.  The support and excitement that we have received is beyond words.  I cannot even believe how loved this baby is already.  Blessed.

5/24/12 – Baby GIRL Warner!

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Em Graduates!

Last weekend the entire Warner family headed to Madison to celebrate Emily graduating from college.  Ted had mixed emotions about this milestone, remembering when Em was a little girl and he was in high school thinking, “when my sister graduates college, I’ll be 30 something and probably married with some kids!”  He was almost right!  The weekend was full of family & fun and although it was hard to not party like I normally would at the KK or dominate a game of quarters, it was still a great weekend.  Love you Em.  We are all so proud of you.

Molly, Ted, Me, Em.

The Warner Family.

Mo, The Graduate & Ted.

 The Lovebirds, Em & John.

After graduation beers!

Congrats to our little graduate!

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Team Missy 2012

The 7th year of Team Missy was once again another successful year.  Not just from a fundraising perspective, but the turnout at the actual event was amazing.  It was a cold, windy and a potentially rainy morning (that thankfully held off) but still so many people who love and adore Mis showed up and walked around the lake.  I feel forever grateful to be a part of such an amazing cause.

I’ve been a part of a few different charities throughout my life, but nothing gives me more satisfaction than being a part Team Missy.  It is amazing to see the money we have raised over the years coming to fruition in new drugs that have been experimental and are now available to people like Missy, allowing her to continue to live a rich and long life.  I couldn’t announce the exciting new better than Missy herself so here is her Facebook post from 5/6/12:

“Still smiling from a great turnout on Saturday for the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides TEAM MISSY walk! THANK YOU for all your love and support! And today, SUCH exciting news in the CF world!! Vertex announced that for those of us with two Delta F508 CF gene mutations, “the combination of VX-809 and Kalydeco led to significant improvements in lung function that exceeded our expectations.” Now, you might think a 5% or 10% increase isn’t a big deal, but when we’re talking about YOUR LUNGS and YOUR ABILITY TO BREATHE, 5-10% can mean a healthy day or a hospital stay. It can mean feeling ‘almost’ normal or gasping for a breath. And bottom line, what it actually means is MORE time and MORE life to live. Now THAT’S a BIG DEAL! :)”

Team Missy 2012

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Crown, Crown & More Crown on Balsam Lake

A few weeks ago we made our way back up to Balsam Lake for our now traditional stuff your face, drink a lot & eat cookie brownies until your sick trip to our good friends Amy & Ted Carlson’s cabin.  This time though, Linz & Haig dropped the kids off at Nana and Grandpa’s house and came up with us for some fun.  Let’s just say, the addition of the Newton’s and the fact that KU won their final four game to go to the championship added a whole new level of fun. In fact, some of the pictures from the night have been banned from being published.  There may or may not be a video available as well.  I won’t mention any names, except to say that after a couple of bottles  of crown reserve (we only do the high brow stuff in Balsam Lake!) there was maybe some boys dancing in their underwear to the likes of Fergalicious & Gaga!

I can share with my loyal Lo Down readers the fun leading up to the now infamous “dance party,” and certainly can say it was another amazing weekend with our dear friends & family this time! We can’t wait to get up there again this summer.

Teddy & Teddy, getting started on the crown early with a bonfire. 

Ted telling the most hilarious story.

Lindsay’s reaction to the story…

Haig’s reaction to the same story!! Classic.

 The very drunk girl at the bar in Luck yelling “Lauren, Lauren, get up here!”  Um, no thanks and who told her my name by the way? Thanks for that one.

The Balsam Lake crew!  Right before things got weird!!! 

We love you so much Carlson’s! Thanks again for a wonderful getaway.

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Oh Baby!

It can now be official and shared with the world, I’ve been anxiously waiting to tell everyone…we are having a baby!!! There aren’t words that adequately describe the excitement, worry & in some moments, fear, that came almost instantly after seeing those two pink lines show up on the pregnancy test.  Excitement and sheer happiness have certainly trumped the worry and moments of fear over the past 12 weeks but the emotions that come with this fantastic news have been intense & incredible.

Ted has been without a doubt beyond my wildest dreams in terms of love and support in the past 12 weeks.  Whether it was a plate of crackers & ginger ale on my nightstand in the weeks that I was feeling nauseous or his calm and collected response to my random hormone induced sobs, his entrance into saint hood in my opinion is official.  To add to all that he has done for me, his latest contribution to earning the “perfect husband award” has been almost nightly mouth to belly conversation with the baby.  He keeps the talks short and just muffled enough for me to not be able to make out what he is saying, but those moments that have quickly become my favorite.

Not to say that everything in the Warner household since we found out our news has been picture perfect.  From a couple of bleeding scares and a trip to the ER over severe abdominal pain (that ended up being a cyst on my ovary that was bleeding into my abdomen) I have certainly been keeping our family on our toes.  Thankfully, any of the scares have all had positive outcomes and most important we have a healthy baby growing in my belly!

Baby Warner should be making its arrival around October 19th.  A perfect birthday gift for “dad!”

Incredible 3D image of Baby Warner.  My dad says “it looks like Ted!” ha.

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Getting So Big

At almost 6 and 2 1/2, Kai and Reese are not the easiest subjects to deal with as it relates to taking pictures.  The candy bribes don’t seem to work anymore and their interest in standing still and smiling for my camera is whatever comes after last on their list of priorities.  So my lack of updated pictures of the two of them on the Lo Down is only because I haven’t figured out how to keep them still long enough to capture something worth posting.  Until then, I was able to grab my phone last Sunday as my family was eating dinner together to share a few minutes of sweet and adorable Reesey Roo reading her book before bed.  As most of you know, the Newton kids are little geniuses, but no, Reese isn’t reading on her own quite yet.  The story you will hear is her imagination at work.  A compilation of the things that her little mind made up with the pictures she saw in the book and I’m guessing mashed together with a few experiences that she remembered over the past few days.  One thing that I am clear on, Reese has recently been to Target. Listen…it will make sense.


PS – the panting in the background is the dog, not Ted.


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